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For use in specific cases where it does not clash with the application version.

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Cheers -Birkir Birkir Gunnarsson Accessibility Subject Matter Expert | Deque Systems 8/1/13, Bryan Garaventa because it doesn't make any sense from a usability perspective.Agree, but for a regular user I would apply the same logic to tabs as well though.For example, if the accordion includes form fields, you have to shift tab all the way back to the accordion in order to arrow to the next accordion node, in order to begin the whole process over after expanding that node.It makes more sense to simply keep the standard tab order of native active elements, and just tab through the active elements of an accordion panel, then when you reach the next accordion link, to either choose to expand that node or continue past it. ----- Original Message ----- From: "Alastair Campbell" From: Birkir R.You know the difference, but what signals the change of model for a regular user?

Cheers, -Alastair From: Bryan Garaventa Date: Thu, Aug 01 2013 PM Subject: Re: building accessible javascript accordions?13 tracks, including: And We Are One • Dark Matter • Lights Are On • Mighty Messengers • Never Forever • No Pockets • Pink and Blows Over: Part I • Upanishads • and more....(more) " Santana III – that the quintet has recorded together.This album marks Santana's fourteenth Top 10 album, and includes 16 songs: All Aboard • Blues Magic • Come As You Are • Echizo • Freedom in Your Mind • Love Makes...(more) " Santana III – that the quintet has recorded together.So as long as a user can focus on the UI element that controls the expanding/collapsing content and as long as you update the state of that element using whatever method you like, visually hidden text or aria-expanded, then you've met WCAG.If the NVDA user does not need to be in forms mode then they can ESCape it. Adam Accessibility Evangelist Aug 1, 2013, at AM, Alastair Campbell ARIA widgets right?Is this another case of: "ARIA is only indented for applications"?