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Love, Val Hey guys its Sexy B (Brandy) and I am proud to announce my Hustler Magazine has finally hit the stands!I have waited a year and a half but its here and it looks amazing, it came out August 2nd and technically is Octobers issue.

You might look at the previews for Phoenix Forgotten and think it owes a lot to 1999’s The Blair Witch Project—and you’d be absolutely right—but its antecedents actually date back another decade further. Abduction from 1989 begins at a little girl’s birthday party and ends with extraterrestrial terror, and so it is with Phoenix.

An obscure but well-regarded (by those who have caught it) found-footage flick called U. We’re introduced to heroine Sophie as a 6-year-old whose backyard celebration is interrupted by the appearance of the “Phoenix Lights,” a real-life phenomenon witnessed by a large number of Arizonians in 1997.

Grid and key drawing features help you adjust your subject more accurately. Onionskin and rotoscope features help to easily shape or position a figure.

Adjustable frame rate allows you to control the speed of your video. Auto capture makes capturing images easier and faster than ever. Flip your image vertically or horizontally (mirror image).

I am 19 years old and live in Lincoln Nebraska (Go Huskers).

Here is a little about my how I came to be naked on the internet!We are so excited that our business is growing so quickly and we have so many amazing girls on our team. Our company is lucky enough to be a part of Lincolns BIGGEST MMA fights this year!If you have not had a chance to visit our clubs yet you are really missing out they are the best in Nebraska by far. The event will be held at Pinnacle Bank Arena this Saturday and our girls will be doing promotions all over the event and we will be the ring girls as well.Then there’s the recovered-camcorder-video portion, with shaky, dark photography and increasingly panicked acting.There are a couple of stabs at subverting expectations, and at giving the amateur documentarians a little extra depth (intimations that relations between Ashley and her now-grieving parents weren’t all that great before she vanished, flirtations between Ashley and Mark that Josh begins to resent), but these are as fleeting as those Phoenix Lights themselves.He spent 28 years as part of the FANGORIA staff, beginning as a writer, becoming managing editor and eventually editor in chief.