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The Homekit app is an improvement in the i OS 11 that has attracted the attention of many users.

With the new Home Kit app, you can easily manage your smart home with much more convenience.

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i OS 11’s i Message may not be a very attractive and user friendly app after all.This is because that despite some minor positive changes such as better video sharing facility, the only changes that have been made are again visual and ostentatious.The i OS 11 preview with regards to photos and music has been a success to some extent.Apple music has been enhanced with minimal text, high definition album art and more use of the bold font.Nevertheless, those who have already used the latest i OS have some things to say with regards to its performance and features.

Some of the hot opinions regarding the software are listed below.

My motherboard is an ASUS K8N paired to an Athlon 64 3000 I finished to build my first computer and found that the are two new BIOS for this motherboard.

One is a newer regular version and the other a BETA version (even newer one) but not supported by ASUS.

You'll see several options near the top of your screen, pictured below.

Simply select the action you need and follow the onscreen instructions.

Apple has recently released the public version of i OS 11, putting the future in the hands of the common user.