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Please, demonstrate the importance of the indie sales channel by reporting your sales to this important national outlet for book news.

To report your sales to The New York Times, please fill out this online request form.

However, as long as the system is capable of creating the report in the necessary format, Book Scan can also use indepedent and other point of sale systems. [email protected] for instructions and to receive the appropriate software bridge.

For questions, visit the ABA Indie Bestseller FAQ page.

Book Scan Highlights Book Scan Highlights gives you an at-a-glance summary of your print book sales for the previous Monday through the most recent Sunday, and how the current week’s sales changed from that week.

You’ll find the highlights at the top of the Sales Info page, both for the All Books view and for individual books. Book Scan Highlights tell you how many copies sold in the most recent week.

To see details of sales for an individual book, either select the book from the key on the right (if it is one of your top three best sellers) or from the All Books pull down.

When a book has more than four formats, we display the top three and aggregate the rest under “All Other Formats.”Back to top Amazon Bestsellers Rank History The Amazon Bestsellers Rank History page shows the bestseller rank summary of all your books.Back to top Nielsen Book Scan Nielsen Book Scan is the part of The Nielsen Company that measures print book sales. For instance, the geographic data can help you plan and measure the effects of your next book tour, which you can promote through Author Central’s Events tab.Nielsen began collecting point-of-sale data for print books in January 2001. If you would like more detailed reports, you can contact Nielsen using their contact form.If you have more than four books in your bibliography, we'll display your top three best selling, and combine the rest of your sales under the heading All Other Books on the key to the right of the graph.Check the box next to the title you want to add to the chart.Join other NAIBA members in reporting your weekly sales - it's a great way to make our voices heard and prove that independent bookstores are still a valuable part of the bookselling landscape.