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The show is satisfying, using two one-hour episodes to dig into the lives of the potential suspects.

Not surprisingly, the novel goes deeper into the lives of the characters, and the subplot with Sue is especially rewarding in the book.

Kim: Karen Russell is somewhat of a literary celebrity in the fact that she was one of the youngest writers to be chosen for the New Yorker’s Best 20 under 40. is an extension of the first story we see in her book of short stories, St.

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Up until that point I liked it and would have given it a decent review, but something flipped at that point and I became emotionally invested.It’s also the first point in which I liked several characters. “Feeds” are interwoven within brains and allow the USA’s population—well, 78% of the country—to be connected in a sort of wide reaching internet.In addition to Written in Blood, I read several other novels in the Inspector Barnaby series: The Killings At Badger’s Drift, Faithful Until Death, A Place of Safety, and A Ghost in the Machine.All are solidly written and would make good reads for fans of cozy mysteries.The setting of her stories are often other-wordly, or towing the line, and she does an excellent job of harnessing interest while keeping within her literary merits. Z.’s Sleep-Away Camp for Disordered Dreamers, The Star-Gazer’s Log of Summer-Time Crime, and St. Within these, is some of my favorite writing: they’re stories I like to read, the sort that ooze with talent, and the kind I wish I could write myself.

There were others, equally as well written, that I struggled through, or simply lost interest in, and there were a handful I skipped almost entirely.Both the books and TV show are fun, perfect for fans of mysteries set in the English countryside.Barnaby is a likable character both on-screen and in the books.Public broadcasting currently shows Midsummer Murders, the long-running British detective show.Based on the books by Caroline Graham, the series is set in the fictional, and rather deadly, county of Midsomer.I also liked the concept of seeing one day per year in the life of two people, and Nicholls pulled this off well. When a computer hacker attacks Titus, his friends, and Violet, they get to know each other without the influence of the feed.