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It appears that software on your computer is blocking Java Script.To enjoy, you'll need to enable Java Script in your web browser.From renowned Emmy Award-winning executive producer Dick Wolf ("Law & Order" brand) and co-creator Derek Haas, the writer behind " to Yuma," comes Season 6 of the high-octane drama "Chicago Fire," an edge-of-your-seat view into the lives of everyday heroes committed to one of America's noblest professions.

But back to the show, Rebecca Blumhagen (Sam) and Sally Golan (Lizzie) are ridiculously funny and hot, and having adult film star Riley Steele in the supporting cast should only help bring that many more viewers to what is already a great R- rated show.

2 Broke Girls-2x18 “And Not-So Sweet Charity”2 Broke Girls-2x19 “And the Temporary Distraction”2 Broke Girls-2x20 “And the Big Hole”2 Broke Girls-2x21 “And the Worst Selfie Ever”2 Broke Girls-2x22 “And the Extra Work”2 Broke Girls-2x23 “And the Tip Slip”2 Broke Girls-2x24 “And the Window of Opportunity”2 Broke Girls-3x01 “And the Soft Opening”2 Broke Girls-3x02 “And the Kickstarter”2 Broke Girls-3x03 “And the Kitty Kitty Spank Spank”2 Broke Girls-3x04 “And the Group Head”2 Broke Girls-3x05 “And the Cronuts”2 Broke Girls-3x06 “And the Piece of Sheet”2 Broke Girls-3x07 “And the Girlfriend Experience”2 Broke Girls-3x08 “And the “It” Hole”2 Broke Girls-3x09 “And the Pastry Porn”Almost Human-1x01 “Pilot”Almost Human-1x02 “Skin”Almost Human-1x03 “Are You Receiving? ”The Good Wife-4x15 “Going for the Gold”The Good Wife-4x16 “Runnin’ with the Devil”The Good Wife-4x17 “Invitation to an Inquest”The Good Wife-4x18 “Death of a Client”The Good Wife-4x19 “The Wheels of Justice”The Good Wife-4x20 “Rape: A Modern Perspective”The Good Wife-4x21 “A More Perfect Union” The Good Wife-4x22 “What’s in the Box?

Valentine’s Day Massacre”The Chicago Code-1x10 “Bathhouse & Hinky Dink”The Chicago Code-1x11 “Black Sox”The Chicago Code-1x12 “Greylord & Gambat”The Chicago Code-1x13 “Mike Royko’s Revenge”Chicago Fire-1x01 “Pilot”Chicago Fire-1x02 “Mon Amour”Chicago Fire-1x03 “Professional Courtesy”Chicago Fire-1x04 “One Minute”Chicago Fire-1x05 “Hanging On”Chicago Fire-1x06 “Rear View Mirror”Chicago Fire-1x07 “Two Families”Chicago Fire-1x08 “Leaving the Station”Chicago FIre-1x09 “It Ain’t Easy”Chicago Fire-1x10 “Merry Christmas, Ect.”Chicago Fire-1x11 “God Has Spoken”Chicago Fire-1x12 “Under the Knife”Chicago Fire-1x13 “Warm and Dead”Chicago Fire-1x14 “A Little Taste”Chicago Fire-1x15 “Nazdraovya”Chicago Fire-1x16 “Viral”Chicago Fire-1x17 “Better to Lie”Chicago Fire-1x18 “Fireworks” Chicago Fire-1x19 “A Coffin That Small”Chicago Fire-1x20 “Ambition”Chicago Fire-1x21 “Retaliation Hit”Chicago Fire-1x22 “Leaders Lead”Chicago Fire-1x23 “Let Her Go”Chicago Fire-1x24 “A Hell of a Ride”Chicago Fire-2x01 “A Problem House”Chicago Fire-2x02 “Prove It”Chicago Fire-2x03 “Defcon 1”Chicago Fire-2x04 “A Nuisance Call”Chicago Fire-2x05 “A Power Move”Chuck-1x01 “Chuck Versus the Intersect”Chuck-1x02 “Chuck Versus the Helicopter”Chuck-1x03 “Chuck Versus the Tango”Chuck-1x04 “Chuck Versus the Wookie”Chuck-1x05 “Chuck Versus the Sizzling Shrimp”Chuck-1x06 “Chuck Versus the Sandworm”Chuck-1x07 “Chuck Versus the Alma Mater”Chuck-1x08 “Chuck Versus the Truth”Chuck-1x09 “Chuck Versus the Hard Imported Salami”Chuck-1x10 “Chuck Versus the Nemesis”Chuck-1x11 “Chuck Versus the Crown Vic”Chuck-1x12 “Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover”Chuck-1x13 “Chuck Versus the Marlin”Chuck-2x01 “Chuck Versus the First Date”Chuck-2x02 “Chuck Versus the Seduction”Chuck-2x03 “Chuck Versus the Break-Up”Chuck-2x04 “Chuck Versus the Cougars”Chuck-2x05 “Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer”Chuck-2x06 “Chuck Versus the Ex”Chuck-2x07 “Chuck Versus the Fat Lady”Chuck-2x08 “Chuck Versus the Graviton”Chuck-2x09 “Chuck Versus the Sensei”Chuck-2x10 “Chuck Versus the De Lorean”Chuck-2x11 “Chuck Versus Santa Claus”Chuck-2x12 “Chuck Versus the Third Dimension”Chuck-2x13 “Chuck Versus the Suburbs”Chuck-2x14 “Chuck Versus the Best Friend”Chuck-2x15 “Chuck Versus the Beefcake”Chuck-2x16 “Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon”Chuck-2x17 “Chuck Versus the Predator”Chuck-2x18 “Chuck Versus the Broken Heart”Chuck-2x19 “Chuck Versus the Dream Job”Chuck-2x20 “Chuck Versus the First Kill”Chuck-2x21 “Chuck Versus the Colonial”Chuck-2x22 “Chuck Versus the Ring”Chuck-3x01 “Chuck Versus the Pink Slip”Chuck-3x02 “Chuck Versus the Three Words”Chuck-3x03 “Chuck Versus the Angel de la Meurte”Chuck-3x04 “Chuck Versus Operation Awesome”Chuck-3x05 “Chuck Versus Operation First Class”Chuck-3x06 “Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler”Chuck-3x07 “Chuck Versus the Mask”Chuck-3x08 “Chuck Versus the Fake Name”Chuck-3x09 “Chuck Versus the Beard”Chuck-3x10 “Chuck Versus the Other Guy”Chuck-3x11 “Chuck Versus the Final Exam”Chuck-3x12 “Chuck Versus the American Hero”Chuck-3x13 “Chuck Versus the Other Guy”Chuck-3x14 “Chuck Versus the Honeymooners”Chuck-3x15 “Chuck Versus the Role Models”Chuck-3x16 “Chuck Versus the Tooth”The Closer-1x01 ”Pilot”The Closer-1x02 “About Face”The Closer-1x03 “The Big Picture”The Closer-1x04 “Show Yourself”The Closer-1x05 Flashpoint”The Closer-1x06 “Fantasy Date”The Closer-1x07 “You Are Here”The Closer-1x08 “Batter Up”The Closer-1x09 “Good Housekeeping”The Closer-1x10 “The Butler Did It”The Closer-1x11 “LA Women”The Closer-1x12 “Fatal Retraction”The Closer-1x13 “Standards and Practices”The Closer-2x01 “Blue Blood”The Closer-2x02 “Mom Duty”The Closer-2x03 “Slippin’”The Closer-2x04 “Aftertaste”The Closer-2x05 “To Protect & Serve”The Closer-2x06 “Out of Focus”The Closer-2x07 “Head Over Heals”The Closer-2x08 “Critical Missing”The Closer-2x09 “Heroic Measures”The Closer-2x10 “The Other Women”The Closer-2x11 “Borderline”The Closer-2x12 “No Good Deed”The Closer-2x13 “Overkill”The Closer-2x14 “Serving the King”The Closer-3x01 “Homewrecker”The Closer-3x02 “Grave Doubts”The Closer-3x03 “Saving Face”The Closer-3x04 “Ruby”The Closer-3x05 “The Round File”The Closer-3x06 “Dumb Luck”The Closer-3x07 “Four to Eight”The Closer-3x08 “Manhunt”The Closer-3x09 “Blindsided”The Closer-3x10 “Culture Shock”The Closer-3x11 “Lover’s Leap”The Closer-3x12 “Til Death Do Us Part One”The Closer-3x13 “Til Death Do Us Part Two”The Closer-3x14 “Next of Kin (1)”The Closer-3x15 “Next of Kin (2)”The Closer-4x01 “Controlled Burn”The Closer-4x02 “Speed Bump”The Closer-4x03 “Cherry Bomb”The Closer-4x04 “Live Wire”The Closer-4x05 “Dial M for Provenza”The Closer-4x06 “Problem Child”The Closer-4x07 “Sudden Death”The Closer-4x08 “Split Ends”The Closer-4x09 “Tijuana Brass”The Closer-4x10 “Time Bomb”The Closer-4x11 “Good Faith”The Closer-4x12 “Junk in the Trunk”The Closer-4x13 “Power of Attorney”The Closer-4x14 “Fate Line”The Closer-4x15 “Double Blind”The Closer-5x01 “Products of Discovery”The Closer-5x02 “Blood Money”The Closer-5x03 “Red Tape”The Closer-5x04 “Walking Back the Cat”The Closer-5x05 “Half Load”The Closer-5x06 “Tapped Out”The Closer-5x07 “Strike Three”The Closer-5x08 “Elysian Fields”The Closer-5x09 “Identity Theft”The Closer-5x10 “Smells Like Murder”The Closer-5x11 “Maternal Instincts”The Closer-5x12 “Wavers of Extradition”The Closer-5x13 “The Life”The Closer-5x14 “Make Over”The Closer-5x15 “Dead Man’s Hand”The Closer-6x01 “The Big Bang”The Closer-6x02 “Help Wanted”The Closer-6x03 “In Custody”The Closer-6x04 “Layover”The Closer-6x05 “Heart Attack”The Closer-6x06 “Off the Hook”The Closer-6x07 “Jump the Gun”The Closer-6x08 “War Zone”The Closer-6x09 “Last Women Standing”The Closer-6x10 “Executive Order”The Closer-6x11 “Old Money”The Closer-6x12 “High Crimes”The Closer-6x13 “Living Proof (1)”The Closer-6x14 “Living Proof (2)”The Closer-6x15 “An Ugly Game”The Closer-7x01 “Unknown Trouble”The Closer-7x02 “Repeat Offender”The Closer-7x03 “To Serve With Love”The Closer-7x04 “Under Control”The Closer-7x05 “Forgive Us Our Trespasses”The Closer-7x06 “Home Improvement”The Closer-7x07 “A Family Affair”The Closer-7x08 “Death Warrant”The Closer-7x09 “Star Turn”The Closer-7x10 “Fresh Pursuit”The Closer-7x11 “Necessary Evils”The Closer-7x12 “You Have the Right to Be Jolly”The Closer-7x13 “Relative Matters”The Closer-7x14 “Road Block”The Closer-7x15 “Silent Partner”The Closer-7x16 ”Hostile Witness”The Closer-7x17 “Fools Gold”The Closer-7x18 “Drug Fiend”The Closer-7x19 “Last Rites”The Closer-7x20 “Armed Response”The Closer-7x21 “The Last Word”The Colbert Report-9x153 “Metalica”The Colbert Report-9x154 “Joseph Gordon-Levitt”The Colbert Report-9x155 “Chris Fisher”The Colbert Report-10x01 “Vince Gilligan”The Colbert Report-10x02 “Daniel Radcliff”The Colbert Report-10x03 “Chris Mathews”Community-4x01 “History 101”Conan-2013x119 “The Black Guy Who Had Almost Every Springsteen Album”Conan-2013x120 “Word is a Four-Letter Word”Conan-2013x121 “The Microphone That Suddenly Went Off in the Middle Of”Conan-2013x122 “Fast Times at Ridgemont Retirement Home”Conan-2013x123 “Font Wars: Helvetica vs Calibri Part 3”Conan-2013x126 “The Dog Who Had The Opportunity to Lick Itself, But Politely Declined”Conan-2013x127 “Throwing Shad Since 1993”Conan-2013x128 “Is Not In Right Now.

”The Challenge: Rivals II-24x06 “Revenge Is a Dish Best Not Serve”The Challenge: Rivals II-24x07 “Crossing Jordan”The Challenge: RIvals II-24x08 “Thrilla in Camila”The Challenge: Rivals II-24x09 “Diemnesia”The Challenge: Rivals II-24x10 “True Colors”The Challenge: Rivals II-24x11 “Final Destination”The Challenge: Rivals II-24x12 “The Sh*t They Should’ve Shown”The Challenge: Rivals II-24x13 “The Island of Misfit Challengers”The Challenge: Rivals II-24x13 “Reunion”The Challenge: The Ruins-18x01 “Wes Side Story”The Challenge: The Ruins-18x02 “The Booby Trap”The Challenge: The Ruins-18x03 “The Road to Ruins”The Challenge: The Ruins-18x04 “Girls Gone Wild”The Challenge: The Ruins-18x05 “Reversal of Fortune”The Challenge: The Ruins-18x06 “Running on Empty”The Challenge: The Ruins-18x07 “Silence of the Ruins”The Challenge: The Ruins-18x08 “Thai Me Up! ”The Challenge: The Ruins-18x09 “Muay So-Called Ruins”The Challenge: The Ruins-18x10 “Good Luck and Good Thai”The Challenge: The Ruins-18x11 “Reunion Special”The Challenge: Gauntlet III-15x01 “Viva Mexico”The Challenge: Gauntlet III-15x02 “It’s Personal”The Challenge: Gauntlet III-15x03 “Less is More”The Challenge: Gauntlet III-15x04 “It’s Not Fair”The Challenge: Gauntlet III-15x05 “Match-Up of the Century”The Challenge: Gauntlet III-15x06 “All Alone”The Challenge: Gauntlet III-15x07 “What Goes Around”The Challenge: Gauntlet III-15x08 “Cold Blooded”The Challenge: Gauntlet III-15x09 “The Finale”The Challenge: Gauntlet III-15x10 “Trim the Fat: The Gauntlet III Reunion The Challenge: Fresh Meat-12x01 “Stuck On Me”The Challenge: Fresh Meat-12x02 “Bush Whacked”The Challenge: Fresh Meat-12x03 “Hang On”The Challenge: Fresh Meat-12x04 “Jail Break”The Challenge: Fresh Meat-12x05 “Climbers Paradise”The Challenge: Fresh Meat-12x06 “Rollin’ in Oats”The Challenge: Fresh Meat-12x07 “Crossed Paths”The Challenge: Fresh Meat-12x08 “Incredible Deflating Kayak”The Challenge: Fresh Meat-12x09 “Swimming With Sharks”The Chicago Code-1x01 “Pilot”The Chicago Code-1x02 “Hog Butcher”The Chicago Code-1x03 “Gillis, Chase & Babyface”The Chicago Code-1x04 “Cabrini-Green”The Chicago Code-1x05 “O’Leary’s Cow”The Chicago Code-1x06 “The Gold Coin Kid”The Chicago Code-1x07 “Black Hand and the Shotgun Man”The Chicago Code-1x08 “Wild Onions”The Chicago Code-1x09 “St.

Gabriela Dawson (Monica Raymund) returns alongside paramedic Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer), seasoned veteran Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) and resourceful firefighter Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo).

Also returning for the sixth season are Randy "Mouch" Mc Holland (Christian Stolte), Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) and Brian "Otis" Zvonecek (Yuri Sardarov). ”Food Network Star-9x02 “Burger Bash”Food Network Star-9x03 “A Star Is Chopped”Food Network Star-9x04 “Big Screen Bites”Food Network Star-9x05 “The 4th of July Live”Food Network Star-9x06 “Product Pitch”Food Network Star-9x07 “Star Charity Auction”Food Network Star-9x08 “Food Stories from the Road”Food Network Star-9x09 “Menu: Impossible”Food Network Star-9x10 “Network Pitch”Food Network Star-9x11 “America Picks a Star”Game of Thrones-1x01 “Winter is Coming”Game of Thrones-1x02 “The Kingsroad”Getting On US-1x01 “Born on the Fourth of July”Getting On US-1x02 “If You’re Going to San Fransisco”Getting On US-1x03 “Make Someone Happy”Getting On US-1x04 “Dumped”Getting On US-1x05 “Nightshift”Getting On US-1x06 “The Concert”Girl Code-1x01 “Pilot”Girl Code-1x02 “Dancing, Snooping, Waxing & Going to the Bathroom”Girl Code-1x03 “Make-up, Being Gassy, Driving & Being Slutty”Girl Code-1x04 ”Social Networking, Friends with Benefits, Lying & Masturbation”Girl Code-1x05 “Girls Night Out, Sexting, Breakups & Visiting the Gynecologist”Girl Code-1x06 “Frenemies, Bad Boys, Dreams, Working Out”Girl Code-1x07 ”First Dates, Menstruation, Fights Among Girls & the Friend Zone”Girl Code-1x08 ”Dieting, Vacations, Neediness & Watching Sports”Girl Code-1x09 ”Foreplay, Shopping, Feeling Unattractive, Guy Friends & Jealousy Towards a Boyfriend’s Female Friend”Girl Code-1x10 “Ex-Boyfriends, Gossip, STD’s, Hosting a Party”Girl Code-1x11 “Cheating, Compliments, Penises, Hair”Girl Code-1x12 “Experimentation, Playing Sports, Fathers, Being Crazy & Ending a First Date”Girl Code-1x13 “Getting Dumped, Being Sophisticated, Working, Jealousy & Dealing with a Creepy Co-Worker”Girl Code-1x14 “Contraception, Being Overly Compliant, Canceling & Plastic Surgery”Girl Code-1x15 ”Pregnancy Scares, Mean Girls, Sleepovers, Online Dating”Girl Code-1x16 ”Compliments, Shopping, Being Set Up, Hair & Ending a First Date”Girl Code-1x17 ”PDA, Style, Smoking, Calling Dibs”Girl Code-1x18 ”Pornography, Being Set-Up, Underwear, Social Climbing & Bra Fittings”GIrl Code-1x19 ”Breaks, Strip Clubs, Mothers, Sororities & Moving in with a Boyfriend”Girl Code-1x20 “The Morning After, Friends of Boyfriends, Flirting & Decorating”Girl Code-1x21 “Rebounding, Cooking, Meeting the Parents & Bridesmaids”Girl Code-2x01 “Halloween, Picking & Popping, Virginity”Girl Code-2x02 “Vaginas, Texting, Apologizing” Girl Code-2x03 “T-Blocking, Wine, Sweating”Girl Code-2x04 “Getting Engaged, Pets, Insecurity”Girl Code-2x05 “Guys That Are Taken, Gaining Weight, Karaoke”Girl Code-2x06 “Boners, Puberty, and Religion”Girl Code-2x07 “Boyfriend’s Exes, Astrology, and Babies”Girls-2x08 “It’s Back”Girls-2x09 “On All Fours”Girls-2x10 “Together”The Goldbergs-1x01 “Pilot”The Goldbergs-1x02 “Daddy Daughter Day”The Goldbergs-1x03 “Minni Murray”The Goldbergs-1x04 “Why Are You Hitting Yourself”The Goldbergs-1x05 “The Ring”The Goldbergs-1x06 “Who Are You Going to Telephone? Please Leave a Message After the Theme”Conan-2013x129 “Of Mine and Men and Their Offspring, Mice-Men”Conan-2013x130 “The Asian Guy Who Appreciated the ‘Good at Math’ Stereotype”Conan-2013x131 “The Westboro Baptist Church’s Surprisingly Moving Stage Version of Brokeback Mountain”Conan-2013x132 “Microwaving Fish at Work is a War Crime”Copper-1x01 “Surviving Death”Copper-1x02 “Husbands and Fathers”Copper-1x03 “In the Hands of an Angry God”Copper-1x04 “The Empty Locket”Copper-1x05 “La Tempête”Copper-1x06 “Arsenic and Old Cake”Copper-1x07 “The Hudson River School”Copper-1x08 “Better Times Are Coming”Cougar Town-4x08 “You and I Will Meet Again”Cougar Town-4x09 “Make It Better”Cougar Town-4x10 “You Tell Me”Cougar Town-4x11 “Saving Grace”Cougar Town-4x12 “This Old Town”Cougar Town-4x13 “The Criminal Kind”Cougar Town-4x14 “Don’t Fade on Me”Cougar Town-4x15 “Have Love Will Travel”Counting Cars-2x05 “Dream On”Counting Cars-2x06 “Rockabilly Roadster”Counting Cars-2x07 “Old School”Counting Cars-2x08 “To Die For”Counting Cars-2x09 “Muscle Memory”Counting Cars-2x10 “Count’s Cryptonite”Counting Cars-2x11 “Chumlee’s Challenge”Counting Cars-2x12 “Not So Pretty in Pink”Counting Cars-2x13 “Day of Judgement”Counting Cars-2x14 “Psychedelic Cycle”Counting Cars-2x15 “Change of Heart”Counting Cars-2x16 “Super Nova”Counting Cars-2x19 “Floodpocalypse Now”Counting Cars-2x20 “The Horn Ultimatum”Counting Cars-2x21 “Haunted Hog”Counting Cars-2x22 “Zombie Truck”Counting Cars-2x23 “Tour de Pants”Counting Cars-2x24 “Special Delivery”Counting Cars-2x25 “Van Haulin”Counting Cars-2x26 “The Car Hoarder”The Crazy Ones-1x01 “Pilot”The Crazy Ones-1x02 “The Spectacular”The Crazy Ones-1x03 “Bad Dad”The Crazy Ones-1x04 “The Breakfast Burrito Club”The Crazy Ones-1x05 “She’s so European”The Crazy Ones-1x06 “Hugging Me Now”The Crazy Ones-1x07 “Sydney, Australia”The Crazy Ones-1x08 “The Stan Wood Account”The Crazy Ones-1x09 “Sixteenth-Inch Softball”The Crazy Ones-1x10 “Models Love Magic”The Daily Show-18x156 “Richard Dawkins”The Daily Show-18x157 “Atoms for Peace”The Daily Show-18x158 “Robin Williams”The Daily Show-19x01 “Bill O’ Reilly”The Daily Show-19x02 “David Mitchell”The Daily Show-19x03 “Sandra Bullock”The Daily Show-19x04 “Kerry Washington”Dancing With The Stars-6x10Dancing With The Stars-6x12Dancing With The Stars-6x14Dancing With The Stars-6x16Dancing With The Stars-6x18Dancing With The Stars-6x19Dancing With The Stars-17x01Dancing With The Stars-17x02 Dancing With The Stars-17x03Dancing With The Stars-17x04Dancing With The Stars-17x05Dancing With The Stars-17x06Dancing With The Stars-17x07Dancing With The Stars-17x08Dancing With The Stars-17x09Dancing With The Stars-17x10Defiance-1x01 “Pilot”Defiance-1x02 “Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go”Defiance-1x03 “The Devil in the Dark”Defiance-1x04 “A Well-Respected Man”Defiance-1x05 “A Serpent’s Egg”Defiance-1x06 “Brothers in Arms”Defiance-1x07 “Goodbye Blue Sky”Defiance-1x08 “I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times”Defiance-1x09 “If I Ever Leave This World Alive”Defiance-1x10 “The Bride Wore Black”Doctor Who-1x01 “Rose”Doctor Who-1x02 “The End of the World”Doctor Who-1x03 “The Unquiet Dead”Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23-2x12 “The Leak…”Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23-2x13 “Monday June…”Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23-2x14 “Teddy Trouble…”Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23-2x15 “The D…”Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23-2x16 “The Seven Year Bitch…”Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23-2x17 “Using People…”Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23-2x18 “Ocupado…”Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23-2x19 “Original Bitch…”Drunk History-1x01 “Washington DC”Drunk History-1x02 “Chicago”Drunk History-1x03 “Atlanta”Drunk History-1x04 “Boston”Drunk History-1x05 “San Francisco”Drunk History-1x06 “Detroit”Drunk History-1x07 “Nashville”Drunk History-1x08 “The Wild West”Elementary-1x20 “Dead Man’s Switch”Elementary-1x21 “A Landmark Story”Elementary-1x22 “Risk Management”Elementary-1x23 “The Woman/Heroine”Elementary-2x01 “Step Nine”Elementary-2x02 “Solve for X”Elementary-2x03 “We Are Everyone”Elementary-2x04 “Poison Pen”Elementary-2x05 “Ancient History”Elementary-2x06 “An Unnatural Arrangement”Elementary-2x07 “The Marchioness”Elementary-2x08 “Blood is Thicker”Elementary-2x09 “On the Line”Elementary-2x10 “Tremors”Elementary-2x11 “Internal Audit”Enlightened-2x08 “Agent of Change”The Fall-1x01 “Dark Decent”Food Network Star-9x01 “Are You Ready For Prime-Time? This is an extended family and everyone inside Firehouse 51 knows no other way than to lay it all on the line for each other. Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) leads the truck company and brash Lt.Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) runs the rescue squad."Depravity's" Sam & Lizzie represent today's women, there's no denying they are specifically of this era!