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- 2100 mya: End of Huronian ice age Orosirian Period (2050 to 1800 mya) - Intensive orogeny (mountain development) - 2023 mya: Meteor impact, 300 km crater Vredefort, South Africa [9] - 2000 mya: Solar luminosity is 85% of current level. Mesoproterozoic Era (1600 to 1000 mya) Calymmian Period (1600 to 1400 mya) - Photosynthetic organisms continue to proliferate. - Formation of ozone layer starts blocking ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Origin of ancestor of all animals, plants and fungi Ectasian Period (1400 to 1200 mya) - Green (Chlorobionta) and red (Rhodophyta) algae abound. Silurian Period (443.7 to 416 mya) - 420 mya: End of Andean-Saharan ice age.- Oxygen starts accumulating in the atmosphere - 1850 mya: Meteor impact, 250 km crater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada [9] Statherian Period (1800 to 1600 mya) - 1800 mya: Supercontinent Columbia (Nuna) formed. Stenian Period (1200 to 1000 mya) - 1200 mya: Spore/gamete formation indicates origin of sexual reproduction.[36] - 1100 mya: Formation of the supercontinent Rodinia Neoproterozoic Era (1000 to 542 mya) Tonian Period (1000 to 850 mya) - 1000 mya: Multicellular organisms appear. - Stabilization of the earth's climate - Land plants and coral reefs appeared - First fish with jaws - sharks - Insects (spiders, centipedes), and plants appear on land Devonian Period (416 to 359.2 mya) - Ferns and seed-bearing plants (gymnosperms) appeared - Formation of the first forests - Earth day is ~21.8 hours long.

Those pieces came back together about 600 million years ago, forming the Pan-African mountains in a new supercontinent called Pannotia.

Pannotia started breaking up 550 million years ago to form Laurasia and Gondwana.

Trump to extend Iran sanctions relief, keeping nuclear deal intact: source By Steve Holland WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U. President Donald Trump will extend sanctions relief granted to Iran under its 2015 nuclear deal with the United States and other world powers, leaving the 'A mad scramble': How Trump tweet on Pakistan blindsided U. officials By Jonathan Landay, Arshad Mohammed and John Walcott WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A surprise New Year's Day tweet by President Donald Trump in which he appeared to decree an end to U. Korea talks ease war fears in Washington, but for how long?

By John Walcott and David Brunnstrom WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Talks between North and South Korea ahead of next month's Winter Olympics have eased fears of war over Pyongyang's development of nuclear Moody Blues Member Dies Just Before Rock Hall Induction Ray Thomas, a founding member of British rock group The Moody Blues, has died at 76, just months before the band is due to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. ” the Los Angeles Times quotes President Trump as saying during a meeting Thursday, as per two sources briefed on the meeting. Why do we want all these people from shithole countries? School Board Prez Calls Busted Teacher 'Poor Little Woman' The story of the Louisiana middle school teacher arrested after speaking up at a school board meeting continues, now with a closer look at how women in the district are treated.

Mesoarchean Era (3200 to 2800 mya) - 3000 mya: Atmosphere has 75% nitrogen, 15% carbon dioxide. Oxidation precipitates dissolved iron creating banded iron formations.[14] Anaerobic organisms are poisoned by oxygen.

- 2400 mya: Start of Huronian ice age Rhyacian Period (2300 to 2050 mya) - 2200 mya: Organisms with mitochondria capable of aerobic respiration appear.

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Because the composition of the rocks retrieved from the Moon by the Apollo missions is very similar to rocks from the Earth, it is thought that the Moon formed as a result of a collision between the young Earth and a Mars-sized body, sometimes called Theia, which accreted at a Lagrangian point 60° ahead or behind the Earth.