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Nickel plated brass, base is hard rubber, 5 x 8 cm.

Works on two C-cells (3 V) and produces buzz or light when keyed.

Made by ZTA Telegraphy Equipment in Cherkassy, Ukraine. Swedish key, made probably by SRA (Svenska Radio Aktiebolaget) for the Swedish military in the 1950's. Known makers are Konski & Krüger (gvx, logo "k|k") and Elektronische Fabrik Weber & Co. Original "Swedish Key " by Lennart Pettersson & Co., Hoverberg. Used in British bombers (Lancaster, Halifax etc.) in explosive environments, usually with the wireless set T1154.

Ericsson key on wooden base, with LM Ercisson logo. Good quality, smooth operation, some vear and tear. It is well used, almost all nickel plating is gone. The Key was donated to my collection by Patrick Wathieu, ON6XS in Belgium. Finnish Armed Forces key, marked "Puolustuslaitos". This is a cheap toy key for learning Morse code, made in Hong Kong probably in the 1960's. Salvaged by SK OH6PJ Juhani when the ship's station was decomissioned. German Luftwaffe training key TKP "Maus" ("mouse") made of dark bakelite. Markings: 1941 BAL 969, logo "dbf/" (made by Hoppmann & Mulsow Elektronische Spezialfabrik, Hamburg) and "T1", K41. 10/F 7741 in perfect condition bought from OM Jimmy, SM2BYW. Swedish miltary key, Tc15534, used commonly for the Ra200 m Man-pack.

Complete with RX/TX switch and an original "toothbrush" connector for the radio.

Rare because of single circuit with a single contact. Built in YA1860 brittish/aussie miniature key, bought at a flea market. See E3 This is a VERY rare KBX-103 key made in Pori by "TH-Yhtymä Oy" (see resemblance with K43). I managed to get this brand new one direct from the maker when I provided him with some help.

USSR 3TA (TKF) bakelite key, "OTK 123" approval stamp inside. No markings, heavy marble base, manual TX/RX switch at left. German Wehrmacht key TKP "Maus" ("Taste Klein Presstoff), a small bakelite key from 1944. Condition as new, but the porcelain knob is not original, but fits well. These keys were first called REX due to the little mechanical shop Radio REX in Ösersund / Sweden. This is a Finnish KBX-102B key made by OH1KB Tapio Hirvikoski's moulding company "TH-yhtymä Oy" in Pori, which closed down 2012. TH-company also made manipulators and electronic bugs (KBX-101).

Svenska Radioaktiebolaget (SRA) key from OT SM2JKI (SK) dissolving.

TX/RX switch on top and a four prong rubber molded "toothbrush" connector.

The cable would be connected with the centre, and the battery and galvanometer to the other two. German "klopfertaste", M.99 for German RTV and railways, built by Hartmann & Braun, Frankfurt a.