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From center channel dialog at whisper-quiet levels to bass-heavy beats at max volume, the TV5 performed admirably as one of the better sound bases I've ever heard. A simple remote hurt the overall package while a lack of ports made connecting every device in my entertainment center a logistical nightmare.

It features the same no-frills, functional design as its stablemate, with a matt-black chassis and cloth grille front covering the same dual 57mm drivers.It is, of course, bigger, measuring 18cm wider than the TV2 (making it 73cm), but the main difference between them comes in the form of the TV5’s second downwards-firing 16.5cm bass driver.MORE: Best soundbars 2015The minimalist design isn’t in the least eye-catching, but it’s functional at least.Build is reassuringly sturdy so you won’t be afraid to mount a hefty TV on top of it.It’ll fill larger rooms more easily thanks to the greater scale it’s capable of with that second bass unit, and it does so with an openness that makes it one of the more immersive viewing experiences you’ll get at this price.

Take the final battle scene of and you hear that extra low-end come into its own instantly.

Starring Eric Joy Galang as Ponso, our “barbero-with-a-mouth” represents wise-cracking barbers from all over the town. Listen to him talk throughout the entirety of the show. The barrage of puns and wit Ponso has a big mouth, but what he says makes sense. He’s actually a wise-cracking man who can be just like your ordinary ‘barbero’. ‘Hugot’ insights from social issues Aside from his humorous speech, Ponso not only tackles current social issues, but also from the past with matching ‘hugot’. That inside-the-‘barberya’ feel Not only does the show offer a barrage of puns and witticisms from an everyman who represents all the barbers, it does so in the setting of a usual barber shop. It’s a webisode ’s episodes can actually be accessed online anywhere, anytime. This web series does away with that with a running time of only about three-minutes or less. The relatable everyday talk Here’s a little truth from : Everyone can relate to the conventional topics in each of the episodes from the barber shop of Ponso.

Escape-worthy running time of 3-minutes or less Regular shows or sitcoms on television sometimes get prolonged with commercials.

The Cambridge Audio TV5, the successor to the more petite, single-subwoofer TV2, is a mid-range base for A/V enthusiasts with screens less than 55 inches.

It's solidly built and offers surprisingly balanced sound for 9 (£299, about AU0).

With every gunshot and grenade blast, the deep, rumbling bass punches with a level of authority and articulation the TV2 can’t quite muster.