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While I will answer your questions to the best of my ability, I cannot be liable for any action you do or do not take.

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This has caused me so much stress, anxiety and phobia of ever taking a maid. Please advice, I would like to know your valued opinion. You may wish to seek legal advice on the service agreement. You may wish to seek advice from MOM about your case and see what they say. You may also wish to seek advice from the Small Claims Tribunal and see what they say. Personally, to minimize inconvenience for yourself, it is best to negotiate with the agency first (but you seem to have done it already, even with AEAS help). I feel that if you do points #4-#6, you should have a chance in getting your money back because the lawyer, MOM and Small Claims Tribunal should be able to give you a 3-pronged attack on your case. Was not satisfied, so return the maid to them after 2 mths, got back the pro-rated refunds etc. Initially she was okay, then she got lazy and had quite bad attitude problem. In this case, will I still be able to engage another maid?

Tell them you will bring it up to the MOM, stressing on point #2 above if it is true. God bless, and I wish you luck on having the case resolved. After tolerating, I am almost ready to return her to the agency. I plan to return her and engage another maid thru a different agency (since their maid quality is not up to my expectation). 2) How should I go about with this return and re-engaging?

Sometimes, this helps the girl decide to do a better job the next time round so that she is not punished for a series of transfers.

Nevertheless, I feel that there should be a limit to these charges. x x x x x Hi i would like to have some advise from you. Please note that I am not a lawyer and I cannot be responsible for my advice. The maid ran away with someone in Malaysia - it may seem pre-planned but how did the maid or the agency know where in Malaysia you intend to have your holiday and when?

My maid ran away with someone while my family having holidays in malaysia. We are shocked as she is in malaysia for two days and not familiar with the environment. Here are my thoughts and I hope that it can help you. From the look of it, it seems more of the fault of the maid than the agency. To put it in perspective, if the maid agency was a dating agency, they cannot explain why the husband has an affair and runs away from home, and neither can they be responsible for it. Because the maid is already legally under your name (in MOMs records), you have to be responsible for her.

From our CCTV it seems that everything is pre-planned, she had been waiting for someone to pick her. Your ,000 bond may be an issue even though the maid went missing in Malaysia.

I employed a FDW from a AEAS accredited employment agency.

Would their service agreement be similar to standard Case accredited ones?

As such, i want the agency or recruiter to explain for her act. The next question is your responsibility towards the agency. I believe that your contract should be a standardized agency contract.

The agency also demand from us the placement fee (package is post-dated cheque). I dont think the contract specifically provide for a resolution for a case such as yours.

The agency does not have a right to take back the 2nd maid unless you breach the agency contract. When a maid is sent back to the agency for whatever reason, is that a common practice for the agency to penalize the maid a month of her salary?