Dating fender guitars serial

it is all stock except for the entire tremelo bridge assembly.The original was rusted too badly to use, so was replaced by a GFS vintage bent steel saddle model.

Also on the back of my tuning keys, they are stamped "Fender Japan" (although I've seen a number that are also stamped "Gotoh" as well).I know you can't really tell from the pics here but the '85 MIJ neck also has a much nicer, dare I say "higher quality" finish than the '92 MIK had and over-all the neck has a MUCH better fit and finish. I was just trying to get some snapshots of her the night I brought her home).During the 1980s Fender was making some very nice guitars under the Squire name. It truly rivals the MIJ Fender guitars of that time.Does anybody know if this model was a re-issue of a particular vintage Fender Strat year??For the sake of comparison, here's a pic of my '85 E series Squier's headstock...

As with Paisley's, you can see this came with higher quality tuning keys, it has the black outlined, gold logo, etc..

) as apposed to the full size blocks found on the earlier MIJ's.

Further, the body on my '92 MIK was actually plywood where as the earlier MIJ's used basswood (although I understand alder bodies are out there).

The screw pattern on the back of the headstock clearly indicated that this thing originally had those cheap chrome covered tuners on it.

While the logo isn't exact, it is similar to yours...plain black as apposed to the black outlined gold of the E series instruments.

The "E series" MIJ's (such as Paisley's and mine) really seem to of MUCH higher quality than later MIJ's.