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It was floated to shore and loaded onto three CPR flatcars, arriving in Halifax on August 4, 1947. Three functional areas were designated to accommodate different needs and uses: St.

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The municipality also allows community groups to hire the square for special events, although there are special rules governing the use of the Grand Parade, including restrictions on advertising and the clause that events must remain 20 feet away from the Cenotaph.

Visiting dignitaries and members of the royal family often tour the square and greet the public there.

Moses Harris, a settler skilled in draughting, published the town plan for Halifax in 1749.

It comprised an urban grid made up of oblong, rectangular city blocks with the Grand Parade at the centre of the town.

Councillor Steve Streatch was one of the most steadfast opponents of moving car parking to the vacant Birk's site, across the street from city hall, because he favoured the convenience of not having to walk the short distance.

The Grand Parade is home to a variety of events year-round.As Barrington Street slopes down toward the north of Grand Parade, a retaining wall was built here to keep the square level.The retaining wall is tall enough to accommodate inhabitable space underneath the square, with frontage on Barrington.This space originally accommodated ice houses for Mrs. The original building of Dalhousie College (now Dalhousie University) opened at the north end of the Grand Parade in 1821.It was a Georgian four storey building separated from the square by a dry moat to allow light to the lower floors.Public opinion preferred the Dalhousie site, at the north end of the square. An impressive new edifice was designed by Edward Elliot. The cornerstone of the new city hall was laid in 1888.