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Some of the Third Reich collectables on this web site may be offensive to some people.The Third Reich Depot has no affiliation with any future, present or past political party, military organization, or religious order.

''In a context of extreme brutality, living voluntarily under the conditions of the terrorist group Daesh, the level of indoctrination in religious extremism makes these people a potential threat to national security.'In addition, their links with very active members of the organisation make them key elements to be used as 'facilitators' for the terrorist organization in Spain.'Asia left Spain for Syria in March 2014 where she married Hamdouch, also known as Kokito de Castillejos, 'the decapitator of Castillejos.'During the ceremony, the terrorist gave his wife a belt of explosives. The other woman, Fatima, moved to Syria with her son in April 2014 to meet her husband, the jihadist Mourad Kadi.'At the end of 2015 there is evidence of the possible death of the two Moroccan jihadists,' said the Ministry.The breast eagle was machine embroidered in silver gray thread, and was zig-zag machine sewn over the right external breast pocket with the swastika coming down onto the pocket flap...a characteristic quite common for Luftwaffe service tunics.The single rank chevron was hand stitched to the upper left sleeve, as was the Iron Cross ribbon which was sewn into the 2nd button hole from the top with black cotton thread.Of the 22 divisions that were raised, only 5 survived while the other 17 were completely destroyed or disbanded before the war's end.

With these 22 new field divisions came the need for inexpensive and easily manufactured camouflage clothing.The items presented here are authentic World War II relics from the Nazi Party, offered to other enthusiasts, collectors, historians, and educators.Luftwaffe 2nd Model Flyer Service Tunic (Flieger Dienstbluse) from the Flight School (Fliegerschule) Magdeburg.'Asia married another Moroccan jihadist and became pregnant.'As part of its continued surveillance of suspects, the women were watched for two years before their arrests.Their two children have also been brought back to Spain and will go to other members of the family.Luftwaffe Splinter Pattern Field Division Camouflage Jacket.