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Sedgwick Claims Management Services (Sedgwick) is often a nightmare for disability insurance claimants to deal with.

On almost a daily basis we are contacted about an unreasonable Sedgwick disability denial.

(I had this happen to me, but not sure if this is correct).

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Are these open collections assigned by the original creditor or was the debt purchased, and what about in the case of was a write-off, how could a collection company purchase it?Part B: (Sort of mimics part A, but slightly different) When it says "Collection" on the report, not "Charge Off", does that mean this is a newly created collection item after the sale, after the Charge-Off occurred by the original bank, or did this collection report, while this was with the original creditor?Part C: Since a Charge-Off is a Write-Off (and in this question - Bof A), usually doesn't the bank, Bof A write the ENTIRE amount off their books as uncollectable debt and get covered by FDIC for the entire amount, and if so - how then can they sell the debt to a collection company if they already got they only sell 10% of it for (i.e.- 10 cents on the dollar for the entire amount) and get covered for the other 90%?Additional information about Sedgwick and their philosophy for handling disability insurance claims can be reviewed here.

From our law firm’s experience, Sedgwick appears to be overwhelmed with disability claims and they do not hire qualified people to administer claims.A simple review of the public comments posted on our website gives you a very quick understanding about the unreasonable manner in which Sedgwick can operate.You should also watch our Sedgwick videos and read some of the articles listed below to learn more about their conduct.Thank you for your time and I really appreciate your help in advance.What are the pros and cons of settling my charged off bank of America credit card that is with a collection agency? Bank of America does currently tend to keep accounts in internal collection departments when the credit card has not been paid for 90 days. Bof A can and does assign unpaid credit cards out to assignment collectors prior to charge off.Our law firm has handled numerous Sedgwick disability Appeals and lawsuits throughout the USA.