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BANKING DEPARTMENT 30th MARCH, 2015 CENTRAL BANK OF THE GAMBIA PRESS RELEASE LAUNCH OF COMMEMORATIVE D20.00 POLYMER BANKNOTES, A NEW FAMILY OF GAMBIAN BANKNOTES AND COMMEMORATIVE COINS The Central Bank of The Gambia (CBG) in collaboration with the Government of The Gambia received approval to introduce New Redesigned Family of Gambian Circulation Notes.

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By 1880 silver coins, mainly in the form of French 5 Franc pieces, were in general use. Since the last MPC meeting, the outlook for the global economy continues to improve, underpinned by notable increase in investment, trade and industrial production in advanced economies supported by high business and consumer confidence.Moreover, benign global financial environment and recovery in advance economies are expected to support growth in emerging economies.Although long-serving incumbent President Yahya Jammeh initially accepted the surprising victory of Adama Barrow, he rejected the election results eight days later.Jammeh called for the election to be annulled and appealed to the Supreme Court.[ read more ] The regulation and supervision of insurance business was directly under the Ministry of Finance as empowered by the 1974 Act.

However, the responsibility for the administration of the Act was given to the Ministry of Justice, to ensure compliance.

Most interest rates are freely determined, direct controls have been eliminated, exchange controls abolished and the country has moved to indirect system of monetary controls using open market operations.

These measures increased competition in the domestic financial system.

[ read more ] An ACT to amend and consolidate the law relating to the Central Bank of The Gambia and to provide for related matters.

This Act may be cited as the Central Bank of The Gambia Act, 2005 and comes into force on such date as the Secretary of State may, by order published in the Gazette, appoint.

The Reference Rate shall serve as a guide to the FX market operators in order to promote transparency and efficiency in the domestic FX Market.