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I came in from outside and asked if anyone had seen Sean. Soon though, Sean and I started fighting all the time.

You're around him all the time, you get along, he's there waiting when you get home from an awful date. Especially on TV shows like along with the rest of the fans. Because I know firsthand the idea is bad-news bears. came to that same realization when she found herself hiding naked in her bathtub, clutching her clothes to her chest.The 21-year-old student and her roommate Matt had become hookup buddies after she moved in with him and his sister.If we sound intense, it's because we were forced to be."The fact that roommates are so intimately in each other's space accelerates the relationship," says Andrea Syrtash, co-author of , forced to be together 24/7 with nowhere to escape.They'd agreed to keep their sexy romps a secret to avoid his sibling's disapproval.

But one day, his sister came home early while Matt and Beth were getting hot and heavy with the door carelessly open. She raced to the bathroom and crouched in the tub for 20 anxious minutes while his sister moved around the apartment.

, I remember thinking before I broke down his wooden bedroom door in a rage, slamming my whole body against it. I don't remember if someone actually told me or if the silence clued me in, but I freaked out. When we started hooking up soon after, we debated breaking the lease but decided we could casually date while living together. We spent the next two years hooking up on and off and making each other's home life a living hell.

The night ended with the girl storming out of the house in tears and Sean leaving to sleep at a friend's. Sean and I had moved in together as roommates but quickly became more. How dare he bring someone into his room during a party he knew I was at? For a while, it was nice to have someone to kiss and cuddle so nearby.

We'd simply forget all the reasons we were so incompatible. So if you're on the brink of a roomie relationship, what do you do? "If you're convinced this person is the potential love of your life, the risk may be worth it," she says. "The cost may be that you have to move suddenly and expensively or you're accelerating the dating process in a way that's unnatural." So if you just want a hookup and think your roommate looks sexy in sweatpants, you may want to reconsider.

Had we been two people just seeing each other, we could've quickly discerned that the relationship wasn't working, but I let a lot of deal-breakers — Sean's thoughtlessness, his hatred of my friends — slide because I didn't want the drama of moving out or to feel uncomfortable in my own home. Kat N., 25, has dated her roommates, and it's worked out well for her. For 24-year-old Lea I., her hookup cost her a happy living situation. Y., started cuddling innocently with her roommate, even though they decided it wouldn't get serious.

We were fighting and torturing each other, but we were still attracted to each other. Roommate hookups are "the joke of my life," she laughs. A., who fell head over heels for her roommate while she was living with him and (yikes! The fallout of that heated hookup caused her to lose friends and sanity, but she's still with the roommate to this day.