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When the book was released (no movie offer yet), I was asked again, then I remembered Kathryn and Daniel.I was positive that they can fit the roles perfectly,” she said.

Bianca has also visited the set a few times, and she said she was happy with what she saw. I'm actually very happy with the trailer, I even cried the first time I saw it.

I know the team put all their effort into making the movie.” When asked if she has follow-up to the story of Athena and Kenji, Bianca said she is still in the process of writing, so readers will just have to wait to see what’s next from her.

When asked what made her say yes to the movie version, Bianca said it was because of the readers themselves. I thought that maybe it would be nice to see Athena and Kenji on a big screen, that way you won't have to imagine how they look because they will be right in front of you.” Bianca also understood that when she was approached about the idea of turning the book into a film there would be changes.

Director Cathy Garcia-Molina addressed differences between the book and movie during the movie’s press con.

The song immediately addresses the controversial past year that Swift had—and made it clear that she is over it: “I don’t like your little games, don’t like your tilted stage.

By the end of this year, we will have certainly heard much more from the new Swift promised by this single.

Some perpetrator -- or perpetrators -- committed murder on a scale unequaled in the history of the world.

They left few clues to their identity, and they buried all the evidence under layers and layers of earth.

So I understood and asked them if they can keep the important scenes on the book that the readers like.

They did.” Prior to casting Daniel and Kathryn, Bianca previously said that she had Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson in her mind if the movie would ever pushed through.

This image is an artist's impression of a Lower Permian swamp in Texas.