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RESOURCE: Learn about the data governance 2.0 strategy, and critical components including data modeling for describing and discovering entities, business process modeling for visualizing systems interactions and workflows, and more.RESOURCE: Data is a valuable business asset with the potential to transform almost every aspect of the enterprise.Maintaining data quality requires going through the data periodically and scrubbing it.

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Access our new guide, Two Quick Data Protection Steps for Ransomware, and find out why it's more important than ever to be proactive in the fight against this epidemic.WHITE PAPER: Data has been growing for years at an exponential rate, and most of it (80% by accepted industry estimates) is unstructured.To articulate business benefits, data catalogs can help organizations tap into the real value that data provides.Evaluate if you need a data catalog and how you can get started.Plus, find out how to bring the power of Hadoop, enhanced data governance, machine learning, and self-service to your big data analytics strategy.

WHITE PAPER: Managers are under incredible pressure to deliver revenue and cost reduction business transformation.

DEFINITION: Data quality is the reliability and effectiveness of data, particularly in a data warehouse.

Data quality assurance (DQA) is the process of verifying the reliability and effectiveness of data.

WHITE PAPER: The digital economy has created an unquenchable thirst for data across all aspects of business – can your company keep up?

Learn how Data Ops can improve outcomes by bringing together those that need data with those that provide it, eliminating friction throughout the data lifecycle.

RESOURCE: Find out how SAP can help you realize the full value of your data by transforming it into real-time and predictive insights while maintaining better data quality and establishing a single source of truth.