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Sometimes u might find me alone when he's not home and i'm in mood to play.

Fun Facts about Me I love pink and polka dots I like men who are BBB, big (Tall), bald or brown hair and burley (Meat on your bones)IM girly but like to get dirty I like a real man.

The Ketuba becomes the property of the bride after the wedding.Since the early 1970s, the Ketuba has included a parallel declaration of commitment made by the bride and groom, followed by a joint affirmation of the couples connection to God, Torah, mitzvoth, and to the Jewish people.Our moderators take extra care to not inconvenience any genuine Badoo users, but this could have been a mistake.If you are bottom 20% woman, sorry then this is also not website for you, same as for bottom 90% man.Do not use this website if you are man that is not at top 10%.

It will drain your pockets fast with its micro transactions needed all over for any illusion of improving your chances.

Terrible app I have met only one person so far, all the rest just very suspicious middle east guys.

Used several of my real life photos, true details, legit phone number, e-mail address.

The security of our users is very important and, as per our Guidelines, we do not allow any kind of malicious profile.

From what you're saying, it looks like you have been blocked due to a violation of our Guidelines, which you can find here: After having to deal with tons of fake users, which I reported regularly, it was my profile that was blocked, all of the sudden.

Couples sometimes commission artists and scribes to create beautiful Ketubas and then have the work of art matted, framed and hung in their homes.