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The app effecitvely signals “no douchebags please.” And men are flocking to Bumble.“Why do men use the app?“Because girls like it,” says Bryan Oltman, a 28-year old Bumble user and software engineer who used to work at OKCupid.The system doesn’t actually read any interactions, so users’ privacy is protected.“What is “good” behavior on Bumble?

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“I felt like I was being punked or something, because all the guys are really good looking and had really good jobs,” explains Lauren Garzon, a 32-year old hotel manager in NYC.”“I just got a text this morning from my friend about this. I saw less shirtless bathroom selfies and frat-boy-style snapshots.

While not all guys were necessarily my type, I could see them being attractive to some awesome woman somewhere.…Every guy responded promptly and had a conversation with me that never delved into anything gross or creepy (the most obscene thing that happened was one guy wrote a 😉 in his first response to me.)Granted, I only talked to four people and creeps can be anywhere, but I genuinely had a nice time talking to all and didn’t at any point feel objectified or scared or supremely disappointed in humanity.”Wolfe believes that the high level of polite discourse from men reflects their flattery at having been messaged.

Guys love the idea of being “approached” after a match – a recent survey in Esquire found that only 4% of men think that making the first move should be up to them.

From another article at Time magazine:“Just as women are sick of waiting for men to make the first move, some guys are sick of always having to come up with a line. It’s a very sophisticated group that are using the app, and very international as well.

“It’s flattering when someone reaches out to you,” says Larry Mahl, a 32-year old New Yorker who works at Yelp. It’s not like, “Oh, I’m going on Bumble only to find my future husband.” But the fact that we include your job and your education in your profile, it makes it feel more secure.

“It’s easier as a guy, you’re swiping and then just letting the girls take the next step.” Plus, he adds, “the women are so impressive.”“Female users say they’ve been impressed with the guys on Bumble. Every guy on here went to Harvard Business School, works at a Fortune 500 company, or is gorgeous. We want to provide more context around users, so that when you are swiping through people, you know if you’re compatible or not.”“The guys, for the most part, looked exceedingly sane.

Sexual economics dictates that women can and should call the shots when it comes to sex.

Wolfe makes Bumble a good place for women to go by giving women more built-in ways of filtering.

Once there’s a match, only the woman can initiate a message.

If she doesn’t take action within 24 hours, the match disappears forever.

But Bumble adds a new feature, which is a useful filter for assortive mating.