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I think that is a good thing because when you have to think about Judaism, it becomes a great source of meaning and value..Intermarriage increases tolerance and respect for Jews and could potentially even increase positive feelings about Israel—although that can be challenging.

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Orthodox rabbis do not attend or officiate at intermarriages and, since the 1970s, Conservative rabbis have also been barred from officiating at or attending weddings between Jews and non-Jews.

Last summer, the debate was reignited when a small number of prominent Conservative rabbis at independent synagogues publicly broke with the movement and began performing intermarriages.

They don’t discuss matters like the survival of the Jewish people or the health of the community. When seen in the giant scope of the Talmud, rabbinic literature says relatively little at all about intermarriage.

Early Jewish texts generally condemn intermarriage. The reasons for this are not always clear, and there’s an interesting dynamic in classic Jewish texts where they have a problem defining what intermarriage actually means.

Much of the current debate on the topic is taking place among religious leaders, for whom intermarriage is not just a matter of demographic survival but also theology and halacha (Jewish law). The Reform and Reconstructionist movements officially leave the decision about participating in intermarriages to individual rabbis, many of whom will officiate at intermarriages.

The Orthodox and Conservative rabbinates interpret the law as forbidding intermarriage.These days, intermarriage doesn’t necessarily spell the end of an active Jewish life or of Jewish lineage.Especially among younger Jews, intermarriage is often seen as unremarkable and fully compatible with being Jewish.Joseph marries Asenath, daughter of the Egyptian priest Potiphera. Many of these foreign women are presented as temptresses, and the texts reflect an understanding that for a Jewish man to marry a non-Jewish woman is a sign of a lack of control.There are many strong arguments for why intermarriage is good for Jews.The piece was written at a time when there were relatively few intermarriages in the United States, and it was still common for Jewish parents to sever all ties with and literally sit shiva for a child who married a non-Jew.