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The community has just been given a stunning reminder of this, with the release of evidence of an enormous network of 381 undisclosed promotional paid editors in what is being provisionally dubbed the Orangemoody case, after the username chosen by the first sockpuppet identified as a part of this case.The network (visualized above) is so large and so extensive that a dedicated bot, Egress Bot, had to be created and activated to handle all of the necessary blocks.

Jalexander-WMF and Kalliope of the WMF's Community Advocacy team were directly involved in working with article subjects and complainants. There remains work to be done by the members of the community in undoing the mess that's been made of the pages in which the network was involved.

The 254 deleted articles have been compiled and an OTRS info queue, , has been set up.

The Organization of Socialized Housing Developers of the Philippines Inc.

(OSHDP), an umbrella organization of companies that provide affordable housing in the country, established the center, dubbed the Center for Housing and Independent Research Synergies (Chairs).

The network was well-organized and well-executed enough to deceive both the community and potential clients, but the Orangemoodies were nevertheless ultimately caught.

The investigation that unearthed the network originated in the aggregation of allegations of demands for payment and complaints of article deletion in spite of payment that accumulated across three different channels: in anonymous comments placed on deletion discussions, in emails to the movement's OTRS system, and in complaints directed at individual administrators. spearheaded the forming of a research center aimed at gathering data on the industry to help the government and the private sector ease the problem of lack of shelter in the country.8990 provided the seed fund of P1 million for the establishment of the center.The sockmasters were then contacting the organization responsible for attempting to bring the content onto Wikipedia and, claiming to be experienced Wikipedians, were offering to move the more developed version of the article to the mainspace—for a fee.After payment, the article would be moved into namespace; soon after, another autopatrolled helper sock would mark the page in question "reviewed", to deflect the new pages patrol.This link in the chain may well constitute extortion; several cases of this extra layer of deceit were uncovered, in which other socks successfully requested the deletion of networks of pages.