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Tunde: We have members from different areas of the continent -- from West Africa, South Africa and East Africa.Specifically, we have a bunch of Ethiopians on the site.If they go out to a bar or to a club it might be fun for the night but they are not meeting someone they could date for the long term.

All they want is to be put in a room with amazing people and increase their options of meeting someone special.

Lande: What's the demographic of a typical member outside of the fact that they're African?

We often get calls and emails from men saying, "Hey, that was an interesting point that I saw on pillow talk." Lande: So tell me about how these Pillow Talks unfold.

What directions do these talks go in, specifically the ones about the interracial dating?

Tunde: I'm not sure there's a big difference in standards.

I think what we hear is that people want more options.Tunde: We started Pillow Talk because we found that when it comes to relationship questions men and women for whatever reason don't seem to give honest answers to one another face to face. So we decided to let people ask a question and have people give anonymous answers.We hoped to provide a forum for discussion, which became pillow talk.What's also cool is when you delve deeper, there's a bigger mix with Africans in New York, D. Lande: And are people finding love across the pond? Meaning that people are finding people close to them in their city and I think that's been helped by the events that we've been having.We've done events in ten cities across the continent and people have been able to come meet someone face to face.We have a feature that's called Pillow Talk where we discuss topics that are important to both men and women about relationships, and its been fascinating.