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Please include the Ray ID (which is at the bottom of this error page).Description: Executive transvestite Eddie Izzard takes his show to San Francisco to give a brief history of pagan and Christian religions, the building of Stonehenge, the birth of the Church of England and of Western empires, and the need for a European dream. Heimlichs search for a maneuver, the naming of Engelbert Humperdinck, Scooby and Shaggy as archetypes, Neil Armstrong on the moon, societys tolerance of mass murderers, how we sing anthems and carols, Hollywood adapting British films, JFKs trip to Berlin, thoughts on puberty, and how to work schoolbook-French phrases into Parisian conversation. Edward John "Eddie" Izzard (born 7 February 1962) is an English stand-up comedian and actor.His comedy style takes the form of rambling, whimsical monologue and self-referential pantomime.See full summary » Town Hall, New York City, 26 June 2000.

An evening with Eddie Izzard in which he moves back and forth in time, with religion as the loose but constant theme. See full summary » The acclaimed comedian of the surreal performs another unique stream-of-consciousness monologue in this latest live outing.

Under Lock and Key: Like every good women-in-prison film, most of the cast here are women.

This one is particularly good as they seem to get naked at the slightest provocation: sometimes unexpectedly and sometimes when the prison doctor says, "Please get undressed." Thank you.

Unfortunately, several of them break out of prison and things get boring for a while as they battle against the evil drug-dealer Carlos.

Then we find out that he also "is a fashion designer on the side" and they bust in on his fashion show, complete with runway models, and run amuck.

On Movies To you can watch Eddie Izzard: Circle online with subtitles or in original.