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You will have the greatest chance at success if you are able to set aside two to three hours of study time per credit hour, per week.For one three-credit-hour course, you should be spending around six to hours a week on your coursework.

The Registrar’s Office issues official transcripts.

En Español About the Campaign Facts You Should Know Dangers to Children Online Warning Signs Tips for Parents Chat Lingo Resources for Parents Real Cases Child Safety Tips The Internet is a wonderful vehicle for learning.

Online courses at KU cost the same as regular face-to-face classes.

Tuition depends on your residency and degree-seeking status.

The signs could be as simple as excessive use of the Internet (especially at night) or as frightening as your child actually setting up a meeting with a stranger.

Other things you should watch out for include: What can you do as parents to help protect your child online?

Just because you’re taking online courses does not mean you’re in it alone.

Many courses incorporate discussion boards, wiki areas, and chat rooms to encourage student-to-student and student-to-instructor interaction.

This will prepare you for midcourse and final exams.

Pay close attention to the assignment and exam due dates your instructor posts in the syllabus.

They pose as other children and gain the confidence of their victims by chatting about the latest fashions, music and celebrities.