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One short-term adjustment of trees to drought is the reduction of photosynthetic tissues via leaf shedding.

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Drought and high crown transparency had a combined negative effect on radial tree growth: Control trees with medium to high crown transparencies showed a substantially shorter growth period and a long-lasting growth depression in response to the severe summer drought in 2003.However, all trees benefited from irrigation, irrespective of their crown status, and immediately increased growth in response to irrigation. Graf Pannatier for providing data on the soil–water content. 24 wolde, wished to; suffre, endure; of, by; bigge, buy (i.e., redeem). 41v] that a man myght fayle, but if hit were the special grace of God. 26–27 As for Hymself nought, i.e., He did not suffer death for Himself. For if a man myghte falle fro the erthe into the firmament, by more skyle the erthe and the see that beth so hevy sholde falle into the firmament, but that may noght be. That is to say: "Have no drede that Y have the erthe honged of noght." And if be al possible that a man may go al aboute the erthe, neverthelasse of 1000 men, oon ne sholde noght take the nexte way to his owen contré, for ther beth so many wayes [fol. And therfore Y sey sykerly that a man myght go all the worlde aboute, above and bynethe, and com agen to his owen contré, he that hadde shipyng, and alway he sholde fynde many londes and yles as beth in thylke contré.

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