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Program participants learn skills for coping, adjustment to sensory loss, safe travel, household management and activities of daily living to achieve their goals of independence and overall personal health and well-being.

Better Beginnings ,000 The Better Beginnings program is a specialized parent/child therapy program serving parents diagnosed with chronic mental health problems who are experiencing difficulties parenting their children five years old and under.

Crisis Intervention Services ,000 Crisis Interventions Services (CIS) provides a 24-hour suicide and crisis counseling line, crisis chat and telecare, a reassurance line to support the personal safety and well-being of homebound individuals.

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The target population is youth at risk of school dropout and the “school to prison pipeline.” The program is part of CCA’s After School Alternatives program, at the Public Service Leadership Academy at Fowler High School and coordinates with CCA’s Student Advocate and Transition Coach programs.

The program provides youth with opportunities to understand personal triggers that lead to violent behavior and how to control them; to learn communication skills and to participate in team building activities; and to teach these skills to their peers at youth-serving community organizations.

Onondaga Overdose Prevention ,000 Onondaga Overdose Prevention is a certified opioid overdose prevention service through NYS Department of Health.

The program teaches community members how to recognize the signs of an opiate overdose and how to respond using a naloxone (Narcan) rescue kit.

During the education session, participants learn about the trends of drug use and overdose in our community and the many resources we have available for treatment and support.

They are also offered direct referrals to other services such as insurance enrollment; healthcare; and case management.

Special attention has been devoted to trauma survivors, refugees, and the homeless.

Many are unemployed or underemployed, without health insurance, or have high deductibles that prohibit the use of insurance for service.

Adolescent Health Initiative ,500 The Adolescent Health Initiative is a comprehensive pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention program targeting youth between the ages of 13-21.

The purpose of the program is to reduce the incidence of adolescent pregnancy and STDs through proven, high impact prevention strategies and innovative interventions targeting youth at risk for unplanned pregnancy and STDs.

We offer weekly and semi-monthly support groups for LGBTQ youth/young adults and parents of LGBTQ youth; an afterschool program offering GED assistance, experienced tutors, a state-of-the-art cyber center, an LGBTQ inclusive library, and semi-annual scholarships; nutrition education and assistance; alcohol and substance free social activities; a rapid rehousing program including rental assistance, security deposits and emergency financial assistance; testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV, and Hepatitis C; mental health assessments, counseling and referrals; LGBTQ-centered case management; school-based Gay-Straight Alliance support; LGBTQ Cultural Competency workshops for providers; and leadership and advocacy training for LGBTQ young people.