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Gaming is no longer a niche hobby, as GTA 5 has proved, and how exciting that it's taken on the might of Hollywood and won! Highest revenue generated by an entertainment product in 24 hours7.

Here's how it's done:1) Loaded up an Invite Only session and registered myself as a VIP2) Grab a buzzard and alternate between doing "Hostile Takeover" and "Sightseer"3) Once I completed one, I would let it sit on the screen counting down when I could do the next one.4) While it was counting down I was doing laundry, dishes, having breakfast, some light cardio, browsing reddit, etc.Apparently, the trick works best solo and without bodyguards, which is why loading an 'Invite Only' session will help carry out the trick with minimal interference.According to the post on Reddit, Hostile Takeover pays ,000 and Altruist Camp can take as little as 3 minutes to complete.If a player performs the event 15 times, then he/she stands to make 0,000 in just 45 minutes.The figure smashes records previously held by the Call of Duty videogame series and blockbuster movies including The Avengers and Avatar.

Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief, Craig Glenday, said: "GTA totally deserves to be recognized as an icon of modern British culture, and we're thrilled to be able to feature the game in the record was amazing you pressed *F9* and you would receive 5 million dollars every 3 seconds! I'm not sure if new versions have came out but I would like a new one, and if you could get in touch with the original creator it would be amazing! What's more, Rockstar also manages to consistently deliver on new content that the players enjoy.Set in the 1940s and 50s, players are tasked with solving a range of cases across five different divisions in the LAPD.Players have to investigate crime scenes for clues, follow lead and interrogate suspects.According to Dual Shockers, he said the Nintendo Switch sales are “great” and he expects them to “continue to be great”.