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The village's new PC Rowan and his wife drives into town and immediately runs into trouble with the local bikers.Greengrass's dog does not make a good start between Sergeant Blaketon and PC Rowan. Rowan tries to look for work helping the local doctor.

Frank blames Nick for the death of his beloved granddaughter years ago.Full of rage and revenge, Frank plots to show Nick how it feels to lose someone close – and targets Kate.When she recovers, Rosie tells Nick that her husband is in prison for a crime he did not commit, and Nick offers to help clear his name by re-investigating the case.But Blaketon is against it, especially when it becomes apparent that his predecessor, PC Rowley Carson, is somehow connected to the wrongful imprisonment, and retired soon after.Guest stars: Rachel Davies, Samantha Beckinsale, Steve Halliwell, Peter Martin and Mike Kelly.

When a local farmer discovers his cow has been infected with foot and mouth disease, Aidensfield is put on red alert and the team must act fast to contain it.

Guest stars: Danielle Tilley as Julie Neagle, Shirley Vaughan as Miss Eckersley, Marc Warren as Rupert Ashfordly, Graham Arnold as Tim Cunningham, Jacqueline Basquil as Ellen Neagle, Tubby Andrews as Joe Duffy.

Nick's past comes back to haunt him when Frank Milner arrives in Aidensfield.

However, he is not happy when he discovers he has sold them at a knockdown price.

Guest stars: Mike Kelly, Annie Boland, Peter Barkworth, Ann Firbank.

Nick is determined to find out what secrets the former sergeant was hiding. But on his stag night, he is assaulted outside the Aidensfield Arms.