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He thought Sean Mc Dermott handled adversity very well with the three game skid, the QB debate, and the trades that were made before and during the season.

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There are no restricted free agents for the Bills this year.We also give comments on what we think the Bills will do with these players.Members may use the AOCI website to keep up with friends or make new friends, upload teaching and testimonial blogs, benefit from Bible-based teachings by other clergy and servant leaders, obtain your Clergy License or Ordination, earn a Diploma of Biblical Studies and/or of Christian Ministry through our FREE online AOCI Bible Training Institute (ABTI), share photos and videos, advertise your events and learn about other members' upcoming events, and generally encourage and edify one another.We are blessed to have you connect with us and with other clergy and ministry leaders from all over the world.He applauded these players and this coaching staff on what they did this year but next year is a different season and they need to re-focus.

They take their motives out of the equation and make moves on just what will help the Buffalo Bills.

Home Front Office 2018 Gameday 2017 Injury Page Depth Chart 2017 Featured Articles 2017 Results Draft 2017 News Archives Archives Library Full Latest News Page Message Board Twitter Links Resources/Links Chat Room Dennison Fired: The Bills have announced that they have parted ways with offensive coordinator Rick Dennison.

He was the 12th offensive coordinator since 2000 for the Bills they will also have their fifth offensive coordinator in as many seasons in 2018.

Final Grades: We have released our final grades on our gameday homepage.

We grade each position for the year and individual player grades for all pertinent players.

We do NOT advise, nor do we seek, to bring members out of their current denomination or ministerial association.