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Some of the Benefits of Nu Lux EP lenses:- • 77% wider fields of view meaning less head turning, reducing neck strain • Clear, natural vision and comfortable wear all day • 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays • A flatter lens thickness reduces magnification of the pupils improving cosmetic appearance • A thinner, lighter lens design reduces tired eyes when wearing for extended periods of time • Durability with the super scratch resistant ‘SFT Multi-coat’ as standard Single vision lenses are typically not the solution for your reading needs.

Single vision reading glasses are only suitable for viewing up to 40cm in front of you, anything further away will be blurred.

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Did u ask her if u can see things at the back of ur head? Attached to my old Oakley choptop sitting in the case for more than 1 year now. The hinges are not strong enough & can move abt & get loose. You can go to the shop & try folding down the arms, they will rub against each other. Definitely not worth the price if you are someone looking at value & 4kg pressure test is just joking. Anyway my advice to you is that if you are particular abt the design & worksmanship aspect of a frame, ic-berlin has a design flaw. Furthermore, over time there will also be frictional corrosion occuring on its steel metal sheets.The prices are surprising not that great (in terms of discount quoted from the sticker price or from their catalogue folder) 2. shops like those in Queensway suit my needs but some carry ltd lens brand & they like to push certain brands.... I didnt want Essilor Crizal, so next best price was Seiko. I was surprised that Tokai cost much more & Zeiss is the most ex. Hi all Just went to JB city square shopping centre to enquire on prices of crizal lenses and hoya. some big chains have big brands which have big prices, so there is ltd mid-range specs. Pricing (I think) depends on whether we click with the sales person. I settled for Hoya, Trueform w SFT which turns out to be a good decision. I was quotated 0RM for 1.6 crizal lenses with no transition and 8RM FOR 1.5 crizal lenses with 360 degree view(the salesgirl said that this lense provide very sharp vision and very comfortable to the eyes.dunno how true...) Was told that hoya lenses almost same price with crizal but can see she keep pushing for crizal lense 0rm convert to sing dollars ard 8 and 8rm= 6 sing dollars. Armed w some knowledge I went to a few shops & found that 1. Did u ask her if u can see things at the back of ur head? Attached to my old Oakley choptop sitting in the case for more than 1 year now. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information.

as expected, neighbourhood shops, has ltd variety of frames & they only offer 1 or 2 lens brand. (just kidding) Single vision for crizal higher grade design lenses are : Azio Anti Fatigue I had a pair of 1.67 Azio Transistions. Then, Hoya Single Vision, Progressive & Multifocal Lenses is your brand.HOYA was one of the first to revolutionize lenses through their innovative design and ongoing research and development. Since eye-glasses were invented lens designs have been a little like a “one-size-fits all”. The manufacture a range of Single Vision Prescription Lenses to Highly Customized Free Form Progressive Lenses also known in Malaysia as Multifocal Lenses.Regular or standard multi-focals are a little like a ”one size-fits-all” and can take some time to get used to as often wearers seem to experience image distortion and an unbalanced feeling throughout the day. Malaya Optical Subang SS15 B10-G, SS 15/4D, Subang, 47500, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.