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I strangely think there is connective tissue between us launching Voyager and us using Tinder. I don’t think there’s time to list the amount of fears that come from the Internet and how it affects our intimacy, our sexuality and our communication.

This movie is based on the book of the same name by Chad Kultgen.

Listen, I’m not a sex researcher or a psychologist, I’m just a guy who makes movies, so I’m not sure really what my answers are worth in this subject, to be perfectly honest.

Yesterday Ansel Elgort brought up the concept that there should be classes in school that teach this kind of stuff.That teach the dangers of the Internet, and the positives, and play into human sexuality.Men, Women & Children, now in theaters, follows an ensemble cast of characters (played by Jennifer Garner, Adam Sandler, Ansel Elgort and others) as they develop porn addictions, sign up for cheating websites and generally see their sex lives and relationships suffer from too much Internet and social media.TIME spoke to the director in September about the movie and what it has to say about finding intimacy in 2014.So is the burden entirely on parents at this point?

Everyone has different opinions, but yes, I am a believer that parents should parent their children and give them the key stuff, the key life shit that makes us prepared for the interpersonal stuff as well as the inter-technology stuff.There’s a course that they give athletes when you become an NFL player or an NBA player.There’s a three-day weekend where they take you through the dangers of life, and one would say you could apply this course now to all teenagers and say, “This is what’s coming down the road.” It probably has to start earlier than teen years now? If you can read and write by 7, 8 years old, you can type then, and once you can type something as a search query, then it’s game over. It’s somewhere between 8 and 12, there’s a moment where you have to catch them.There’s something a little ironic about Men, Women & Children director Jason Reitman interrupting an interview about how technology is harming kids today to answer a Face Time call from his young daughter.But as the filmmaker behind Juno and Up in the Air explained last month at the Toronto International Film Festival, parents “got saddled with a very tricky job and no way to do it right” when it comes to raising kids in an era where hardcore pornography is just a click away.The shining example in the film is the couple that’s basically not online, and everyone else is struggling. I look at the ways in which communication and connectivity are broadening our horizons and allowing us to see racism in a new light and police brutality in a new light.