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Some people don't like Mark's sense of humor, but I personally thought he was funny since my other profs don't seem to even know what humor is. Mark is quirky and direct to the point where he can come off sassy, but he's really invested in his students' success. He makes jokes to keep students (and himself) engaged, and has a lot of fun during lecture. (Passing tip: never say "based of off," it's "based on." He will notice). Yes, he is a zany guy in class and makes a lot of jokes, but he's just trying his best to make a very dry subject as entertaining as possible. They are very conceptual rather than just solving equations so actually know the whys not just the hows of the equations and data. He thinks he's funny and members of the class laugh which encourages him but he does and says the same obnoxious things over and over. (We literally spent two weeks on summation notation and mean, median mode).If you don't get an A in this class, it is most definitely not because he taught something badly or incoherently. I will do everything in my power to get into the online version of the other class he teaches to avoid him. Thinks he's funny but really just comes off as weird and unrelatable.See more ยป The ultimate action film and the ultimate psychological thriller!

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Otherwise, he is a nice person and very helpful, and professional!First class I could already tell he was a really nice guy, while the course was fairly slow (he spent a week covering the basics of mean, median and mode, and two weeks nearing at end of class on ymx b) I didn't really go to lectures often.The lab sections provided helpful examples as well. The class is impeccably well-organized and it's always 100% clear what's expected of you.The only downside is that it is only graded on tests, so STUDY! He goofs around a lot to keep the dry material interesting. He also does an excellent job of making dull subject matter interesting and exciting to learn. He is SUPER funny and it made the lectures bearable. Mark is a great teacher, he teaches both the concepts and math behind statistics.Downside is that TAs teach the labs, and your grade can depend on the TA you get. I find myself doing stats in my kitchen out loud using his funny little voices. As for the class- it sucks that my grade completely depends on graduate students.

I don't trust their attention at grading exams, and the exams are never returned, so there is no transparency. at least he tries to make the class interesting and interactive.

Stallone wanted to buy the movie and destroy it thinking that it was a career killer.

After heavy re-editing, the film was cut down to 93 minutes; this version was ultimately released in theatres.

Mark is very enthusiastic and passionate about the material he teaches and tries to keep you entertained throughout the class.

The one thing I did not like about this class is the only way to get points was through tests so it is very hard to get an A.

This film has Sly showing off his acting ability (which is saying something for an actor with such little capability of "acting") as the iconic John Rambo in the film that sparked off the eponymous film franchise, whilst the sequels were heavily classified as flops, ' First Blood' is a daring and thrilling survival adventure that follows a Vietnam Vet and the post-war trauma he suffers from.