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Nowadays, the actor is recurring on TNT’s “The Last Ship,” which stars Eric Dane.

More information on the talented actor can be found on various fasnsites and web portal devoted like a beehive on the internet.

Moreover, IMDB’s biography on him will also be a good option to know more about him.

With the tall height of 6 feet and 2 inches, he is a handsome man with shoulder length hairstyle.

His twitter id is @scottmfoster and the twitter description is given by : “I like to do things. “ If you are part of his gay fans community, you would like to view his shirtless pictures from the show Greek and also from the show Neighbros.

Anyway, Scott successfully portrayed the role of Cappie in the American drama television series Greek from 2007 to its season finale in 2011 as one of the main character.

Other wiki on her professional life can be extracted from Wikipedia’s biography on her.

You are a president of Kappa Tau Gamma in the show and you love college and rowdy lifestyle which makes you feel like never leaving the college.

On the other hand, your lover can’t be with such an immature person.

The possibility is that he may be just focusing on his professional life and has no time for love or he may be dating a really hot chick from some island.

Tall, dark and handsome actor Scott, has worked in the television industry for almost 10 years till now.

Even after the end of the show Greek in 2011, he is continually giving his best in the industry and has established himself as a commercially successful television actor in United States with his roles in television series like Once Upon a Time, Zero Hour, The Closar, Californication and many more.