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We will continue to adapt as their needs change, to provide banking services on their terms. Life expectancy is hitting record highs thanks to ground-breaking new processes.

A team at Harvard Medical School has grown heart tissue from adult skin cells.

The results reveal a fundamental tenet of trust in technology.

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The report explores some of the top technology topics of the moment, like artificial intelligence, biometrics, digital wallets and data driven nudge applications.We will apply the insights this research provides to our own business, as well as sharing them broadly with the financial services industry and other stakeholders.But when respondents were asked about fields of emerging technology. Artificial intelligence is a booming field, with engines such as IBM Watson and Wipro Holmes able to diagnose cancer, analyse retail data, and communicate through ordinary spoken and written language. Only 8% would trust a machine to offer mortgage advice, compared to 41% trusting a mortgage broker.For context, this is 2% lower than flipping a coin for financial advice and 1% lower than using a horoscope. How about allowing a robot to conduct a surgical operation?Only one in seven would trust a humanoid robot programmed by experts to conduct the operation on them, just five percentage points ahead of the rather unnerving prospect of a family member or friend doing the operation under guidance.

Biometric security is another field with huge potential.

It has become clear that the more technology enters our lives, the more critical the issue of trust becomes.

A Fin Tech start-up can't win customers without winning their trust. In order to deliver life-enhancing new products they need to know what trust is, and how to win it.

Our Trust in Technology research explores public opinion about the new technology banks and consumer facing businesses are developing, and its impact on daily lives.

In this international study we examine people's awareness and understanding of new technologies; their trust in them and the impact of this on adoption rates; and what people think the future looks like in terms of new innovation.

This report is offers some suggestions on how trust in technology can be achieved.