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After the collapse of a large part of the delta at the Kamokuna ocean entry on 31 December 2016, lava continued to pour into the sea, and a new submarine delta began to grow.

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By the end of March, a small new delta was again visible above sea-level.It collapsed into the sea on 3 May, but another new delta quickly began to grow and reappeared by the end of the month.Composite events were also triggered on 14 January (2250) when a large piece of veneer collapsed off the northern crater wall, and on 16 January (1524) after a small rockfall from the southern inner edge of the Overlook crater (the smaller crater inside Halema? On 26 May at 1114 HST, a piece of the northern Overlook crater wall collapsed into the lake (figure 281).This triggered a composite seismic event, lake surface agitation and spattering, and produced a dusting of ash on the cars in the HVO parking lot (at the Jaggar Overlook).A large chunk from the northern crater wall, directly above the active spattering, fell into the lake, which triggered spattering and a composite seismic event.

The area of the wall that collapsed is discernible above the spatter by the newly exposed wall rock that is lighter in color.The US Geological Survey's (USGS) Hawaii Volcano Observatory (HVO) has been monitoring and researching the volcano for over a century, since 1912.HVO quarterly reports of activity for January-June 2017, by HVO scientists Lil De Smither, Tim Orr, and Matt Patrick, form the basis of this report.The lava continued to circulate, and periodic rockfalls and veneer collapses caused small explosions within the lake.A few pieces of lapilli and minor ash landed at the Jagger Overlook.There were two unusually large, fast drops in the lava lake level during June.