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But her undeniable success has brought with it an inevitable cross-section of opinions, and the straight-talking Scottish entrepreneur and Tory Peer has hit back at those who openly criticize her wealth, status and political leanings.

And she claims the strong work ethic that helped guide her away from her humble childhood surroundings is often a contributory factor to the criticism she receives.'The only thing I would say to them is I’ve got what I’ve got by working exceptionally hard and taking massive risks, putting my house up four times to the bank and everything else,' she said.

'Luckily I have made it now, and if people don’t like that then that’s just tough.'I grew up in areas where you were always told your life was over before it started.

'We’ve done homes in Mayfair, Chelsea, the Isle of Man and now Dubai. He’s worked so hard to get to where he’s got to and we’re very much in love.

We’ve just been given our first commission – a £20 million home in Belgravia. We’re creating the ultimate home for these clients and it’s really exciting.' The entrepreneur moved into father-of-four Barrowman's sprawling mansion, which boasts its own fitness studio, spa and personal helipad, earlier this year - and she couldn't be happier. 'Doug tells me every day that we’ll be together for the rest of our lives.

The document quotes from a pre-application statement prepared by Westminster Council which states: ‘The reinstatement of appropriately detailed skirting and cornicing is welcomed in listed building terms.

I would encourage you to remove all modern lowered ceilings as part of your application.’Renovations include: installing a porch to match the rest of the terrace, remodelling the rear closet wing to improve its appearance, replacing the modern roof with a mansard one that matches the other terraces, creating a more ‘traditionally designed’ mews building, removing modern partitions between rooms and modern doors and removing elements of the ‘unsympathetic modern interior scheme’.

Away from interiors the couple will soon announce plans for a sprawling £250 million development - the details of which remain a closely guarded secret.

'I’ve done three homes and I’m just really passionate about it and my partner’s really passionate, so I thought we’d get a good team together,' she explained.

Candid: Undeniable success has brought with it an inevitable cross-section of opinions, and straight-talking Scottish entrepreneur and Tory Peer Michelle Mone has hit back at those who openly criticize her wealth, status and political leanings‘But I myself know I’m a good family person, I’m a good charitable person, and as long as my friends know who I am then the rest can quite frankly do one. I don’t lose any sleep at night - I'm not affected by them at all.'She added: 'At the end of the day it’s just jealousy, and jealousy is an illness.

It’s a horrible thing to have.'Born and raised in Glasgow’s impoverished East End, Lady Mone left school at 15 before working her way to fame and considerable fortune with the launch of her hugely popular Ultimo lingerie brand in 1999.

George Brooksbank, one of the directors of the Belgravia-based property company, said: ‘We're aiming to create a traditional family home, with renovation work that will keep and enhance its period features.