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Delegates took time during the ses- sions to celebrate the first century of achievement for the Federation, since its birth as the Federation of Orga- nized Trades and Labor Unions in 1881. The AFL-CIO listed five areas of expanded activity: more involvement in public affairs through creation of an Institute for Public Affairs and a continuation of regional conferences, reaflfiliation with the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, construction of a George Meany Me- morial Library and Archives, ex- panded political education programs, and continued cooperative organizing drives, like the one currently under- way in Houston, Texas. Lawrence, MA — Bruno Andrews, Jo- seph Maugeri, David E. For the 1981-1985 time period, manufacturers project a 13.3% annual increase.

"The Administration's economic pol- icies," the resolution continued, "adds up to class warfare against the dis- advantaged, the poor and the working people of America. Starting with pay- ments for January, 1983, the payment will go up another 30, for a total of 270. In contrast to this kind of program, the AFL-CIO said, "The Reagan Ad- ministration response to rising unem- ployment is to resurrect Herbert Hoo- ver's economic policies of 50 years ago with additional budget cuts that will further weaken demand, reduce output, and destroy more jobs. Be- ginning this month, the monthly AFL- CIO per capita tax paid by the Broth- erhood and by other affiliates on their US membership increased from 190 per member to 240. • Withdrawing oil windfall profits tax giveaways to wealthy oil roy- alty owners in the 1981 tax act. These policies must be exposed, the damage mini- mized and the course reversed." Major programs to expand the ac- tivities and services of the AFL-CIO drew the support of the convention with its approval of a two-step increase in the federation's per capita payment to provide the necessary funds. • Cutting the 10% investment tax credit back to its original 7% level to preclude subsidizing the same firms and investments as does the huge new depreciation system. When a member clears out of one local union into another, his name is automatically dropped from the mailing list of the local union he cleared out of. It does not advise your own local union of your address change. Rogers, Editor IN THIS ISSUE NEWS AND FEATURES Report on the AFL-CIO Convention 2 Predictions for the New Year 4 The Little Girl Without a Face, An Appeal 5 15th International Carpentry Apprenticeship Contest 7 Carpentry Contestants 8 Busy Day at the Contest 13 Mill-Cabinet Contestants 14 Millwright Contestants 16 The Judges ..

In sending in the names of mem- bers who are not getting the maga- zine, the address forms mailed out with each monthly bill should be used. Greene 4920 54th Avenue, North Crystal, Minnesota 55429 Sixth District, Dean Sooter 400 Main Street #203 Rolla, Missouri 65401 Seventh District, Hal Morton Room 722, Oregon Nat'l Bldg. PLEASE KEEP THE CARPEI^TER ADVISED OF YOUR CHANGE OF ADDRESS NOTE: Filling out this coupon and mailing it to the CARPENTER only cor- rects your mailing address for the magazine. This coupon should be mailed to THE CARPENTER, 101 Constitution Ave., N. 1 JANUARY, 1982 UNITED BROTHERHOOD OF CARPENTERS AND JOINERS OF AMERICA John S. Although analysts believe interest rates will be more stable in 1982 than last year, this obviously isn't saying much: 1981 rates ranged from 11% to21'/2%. MOBILE-HOME OUTLOOK — Good news for mobile home manufacturers — US domestic sales are expected to continue to improve after a depressed period experienced in the late seventies. hutcheson William Sidell DISTRICT BOARD MEMBERS Secretaries, Please Note In processing complaints about magazine delivery, the only names which the financial secretary needs to send in are the names of members who are NOT receiving the magazine. Alder Street Portland, Oregon 97205 Eighth District, M. Bryant 5330-F Power Inn Road Sacramento, California 95820 Ninth District, John Carruthers 5799 Yonge Street #807 Willowdale, Ontario M2M 3V3 Tenth District, Ronald J. Rogers, Secretary Correspondence for the General Executive Board should be sent to the General Secretary. NEW ADDRESS City State or Province ZIP Code (ISSN 0008-6843) VOLUME 102 No. Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2K OG3 William Konyha, Chairman John S. Social Security or (in Canada) Social Insurance No. Dodd's projections for 1982 have interest rates ranging from c to 25%.