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And no disrespect to anyone but I personally think that black men don’t value marriage. It’s rare to see a white man in his 30’s single as opposed to black men.Also, it’s not like black men have a high history of marriage anyway hence all the single parent homes.

I remember a white male friend of mine told me that his 33 year old sister was close to depression because she was not married. I was shocked to hear ole girl was 2 seconds away from popping anxiety medicine but we live in two different worlds when it comes to our expectations on marriage. For example I used to work in a call center and there were dozens of pretty women above thirty that was looking to finally settle down and I met some guys in that age group that had their stuff together and they wasn’t thinking about marriage.

The ratio was too good for the men that they wanted to just have fun.

Every time I visit a church, I make it my business to see if the pastor is married or not– and in my 30 years I’ve only seen one that was single. Because within the church having a wife is smiled upon.

If we were raised seeing marriage as a good thing, most black men would settle down (in my opinion).

It is different for other races-in America specifically-as there is a belief that either a “fallback” exists (whether through parents, family inheritance, etc) or that since they er.from no bottom they can thrive under any circumstance without shame.

Now, I can neither tell or explain how that translated into the bling/no scrubs versions that seem to be so pervasive, but whatevs.Wildflower: WIM, I didn’t see your post until after I commented but it’s on point.I know this may be the worst analogy ever but I’m trying to make a point here.To explain, I will need to make a simple, reasonable assumption, so please bear with me: I’d reasonably assume that women are attracted to men who have “more” than they do in some very specific areas.Namely; more height, more money, more social status, more professional success, more ambition, more power, etc.Stated another way, do black men marry later because they believe (rightly or wrongly) they need more financial, material, and career successes in order to get a black wife? – sent from i Phone Amaris79: I am going to have to do some substantial digging to find this study but the general theory is that material STABILITY is emphasized on both ends (in their own special ways) due to the unique volatility of the Black American existence.