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Actress Helen Mirren spoke for many of these couples earlier this year when she said: ‘I think the power of partnership in marriage is under-recognised in our society.

Hit US TV Series starring Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer, agent for a fictional US government agency, during some very bad days.So far, the threats have been nuclear bombs, a bio-weapon, a nerve agent, and more nuclear bombs, with some presidential assassinations along the way. The series is shot in strict real time, and with commercial breaks included covers a full 24 hours.Since then, she and Chris have made love only once, around ten months after her loss, an encounter from which she derived no pleasure. ‘It can be hard knowing that our cuddles will never lead to anything more intimate,’ he says.‘Charlotte is a gorgeous woman and I’m still very attracted to her, but she nearly died and I count my blessings every day that she’s even still here.’In all other respects, the Everisses have an enviable lifestyle.‘I find it hard switching off knowing that our four-year-old, Addison, is in the next bedroom.

I think if Chris really missed sex he would tell me, or I’d catch him watching porn on the internet as a substitute.It wasn’t painful, but I lay there thinking: “How quickly can we get this over with?”‘Most mums I know think the ironing basket is a more attractive option than sleeping with their husbands, and they can go months without sex,’ says Charlotte.You don’t need a degree in psychology to work out why Charlotte, a social media consultant from Great Wyrley, Staffordshire - who in the early years of her marriage made love to her husband three times a week - may have problems surrounding sex.Three years ago, when their daughter was 18 months old, Charlotte almost died after an ectopic pregnancy resulted in her having a partial hysterectomy during a six-hour operation.Finally, it isn't scared of Player Punches; Anyone Can Die, to an extent that was only equalled when , which aired in November 2008 and acted as a Prequel for the seventh season.