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The only drawback I can see to being uncircumcised is that uncircumcised guys have to work a little harder to keep their penises clean. (age 14) I've used that phrase a couple of times, so I should probably explain what it means.

It might be worth it to stop masturbating for a week to see if it makes any difference. I have been masturbating for a few years now and I am 14, close to 15.The first years were great but ever since I've started to really ejaculate my penis has gotten red underneath the head and stayed that way. I think K-Y Liquid is best but you might have to experiment. Uncircumcised guys seem to masturbate more often, but it is unclear why. You might also find one foot, one ear, one kidney is bigger.Some guys start using lube just to avoid those kinds of injuries. Does regular masturbation affect the size of your penis?(age 20) Masturbation has no long-term effect on fertility.Most guys don't worry about it and just accept that dried semen can make some urine go astray. You should get into the habit of showering every morning at your age.

That will take care of residual semen and keep you clean otherwise.

I know it hasn't really grown yet and I am worried that beginning masturbation before being developed has caused this. I have considered cutting back on masturbation to every few days instead of once every day.

However, my penis is still very small, only about 4 inches with an erection.

I masturbate once every 2 to 3 days with an occasional 2 times in one day about once every month. If you're embarassed to buy it, a lot of guys use ordinary hand lotion as a lube. I want to know how many 12 year olds would masturbate out of 100 and I would like to know the average size of a 12 year old penis. Given a choice, I think you'd want to be uncircumcised, but there's nothing you can do about it now. A couple of people in my prone support group used it while masturbating to get cured. (age 21) Your question isn't as silly as it sounds. Why is my penis length average but the circumference is small? Bodies are of three types: endomorphs (heavy), ectomorphs (thin), and mesomorphs (muscular).

I'm worried I mean its like my penis ran out of lubricant! You don't say if you're interested in knowing about girls -- and at age 12, only a small percentage of them masturbate. So I suppose about a third of 12 year old boys masturbate. I don't recommend any particular brand, but the best lube is one made for sex, like K-Y Liquid or Astroglide. I have little white bumps on my penis, they're not from an STD because I'm a virgin. I am aged (79) but not dead; however, my wife is no longer interested in sex. Erections are not very firm but that is probably old age. Masturbating is probably keeping you very healthy sexually. Mountain Dew contains a lot of caffeine, and caffeine tends to constrict blood vessels, which means that not as much blood makes it to your erection, which makes it smaller. Even ectomorphs tend to gain weight as they get older, and the same happens to ectomorphic penises. Follow-up: If my penis is ectomorph does that mean it won't grow in circumference? Why does the area near my penis itch a lot is this part of puberty?

Is it healthier to have an uncircumcised penis rather than a circumcised penis?