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My plan is to simply grind pauper to (hopefully) go infinite, and eventually have the tix to make a few Standard decks to grind 2-mans.If anyone can link me to a good site for MODO prices/a cheap decklist (was thinking Boros or RDW) it would be appreciated.

I've been wanting to make an account on MODO for awhile, but I want to know how cheaply I can do it.

I know the cheapest format to play is Pauper, and I wanted to know if their is a site where I can find MODO pricing so I can see how much I need to spend to grind in pauper.

Don't get me wrong, you will be able to get a good deck for that kind of money, but take into account that you will not win in every daily or queue you enter.

It is said that to be profitable you need to win finish in the money in every third daily that you enter.

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Some places I would recommend for price checking are mtgolibrary and mtgotraders.

And I fear 30 might be a little low for a start, considering that 10 of that is going on the base game, which is nigh worthless.

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Thus, to be on safe side, I'd get enough to tix to get a good deck and be able to enter at least 3 dailys. Just so you know, that looks like a Standard Pauper decklist.