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And now the Telegraph is reporting that another MP wants to inexplicably bring back another long dead aspect of British culture: BBC One playing the national anthem late at night.

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As experts suggest that Malta's position in the global offshore architecture requires joint EU action, the government denies any manipulation and claims that, unlike in Panama, the system in Malta is perfectly transparent. We will have to suffer because of Trump’s reckless behavior.” In the run up to Christmas, the last thing the Irish public wanted was a snap general election.But up to lunchtime on Tuesday, after a week of political posturing that had whipped itself into a crisis, it was looking increasingly likely.The short answer is that some jokers have set up a website called uk which invites the public to rate MPs in terms of their - erm - sexiness.What horrors follow is illustrated below - viewers of a sensitive disposition should look away now.It’s been difficult to look forward the joys of winter, lately.

The subject of sexual violence continues to dominate headlines, as two ex-professional skiers share stories of abuse dating back to the 1970s.The above person - who has hitherto escaped the rabbit's attention - is named Jim Shannon.He has recently achieved fame as having been voted Britain's least sexy MP.Since the Weinstein case broke open the culture of abuse, what remains missing from public debate is the perspective of abuser's families.The children, wives and parents who now must reconstruct their image of the perpetrator. We know textile laborers are underpaid and mistreated.Hiring a Filipino housemaid is significantly more expensive than hiring a Slovak.