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Below are real cases that our lawyers have defended.

This case was vigorously defended for over two years by Alexandra, Michael, and PJ Campanaro, who handled the GA State case.

She claimed that an “unknown black man” broke into her home and violently raped and beat her.

The case became known as the “Baymont 8 Gang Rape” and it pulled in lawyers from across the United States.

Our client faced charges of rape, false official statement, and others.

We do not guarantee a certain outcome, to do so violates the Rules of Professional Responsibility.

In addition, the results of the case often depend on the facts, whether the client follows our advice and the stage of the proceeding at which our services are retained.The Navy brought in two experienced prosecutors, including a Senior Special Victim Prosecutor, known for being an extremely aggressive lawyer.Trying to wear us down, they yelled “objection” to most of the questions posed by the defense.The two alleged rape victims took 3-4 hours EACH to tell their stories. 90 minutes into their testimony, the jury stopped paying attention and some jurors were falling asleep.Few people c On cross-examination, these witnesses were quickly cut to shreds when confronted with lie after lie.Our African American client was a married Warrant Officer.