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This afternoon she is still waiting to be taken to hospital at Ms Clark's home.

She was told by London Ambulance they could be waiting for up to four hours.

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'We have turned off dynamic pricing and will refund all journeys from the affected area.

'Her neighbor Princess is currently on Ms Clark's balcony with two chairs creating a makeshift stretcher with a suspected leg injury.

Defiant Londoners have reached out and offered to help anyone caught up in a bomb blast which hit an underground train this morning.

People across the capital have offered to make tea and open up their homes to anyone wounded in the blast on a train at Parsons Green in west London.

Teo is handing out free pizza and water for the hungry emergency services who have been attending the scene since 8am.

A nurse who came to collect the food said: 'This is perfect.

She said: 'I couldn't move, there were people on top of me and walking over me.'The rush was so great she was pushed back to the stairwell, she said.

With tears in her eyes, she communicated to Mail Online how she couldn't breathe because of the number of people passing over her.

The 32-year-old was pushed to the floor by panicked commuters as she waited to board a train at Parson's Green to take her to work.

She told Mail Online how she was knocked to the ground and trapped.

It's great to see people rallying together.'Jan Ståhlberg‏ tweeted: 'Classic British response to an emergency & major incident: 'I'll put the kettle on'.