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The Walking Dead continues an extremely difficult Season 7 on AMC on Sunday nights.

He’s signing up for more torture, but he’s doing it for the love of his friend.” While the prospect of more rounds of torture or possibly death doesn’t sound like an auspicious future for Daryl, it does appear that Negan is intrigued by him and might just keep him around long enough for an opportune moment to be unleashed from his imprisonment.

In the meantime, Daryl is still stuck in that “very, very dark” place, tortured not only by the Saviors and their sickeningly sanguine music (“Easy Street” by The Collapsable Hearts Club), but with the his own guilt over Glenn’s death; something that got a lot harder to endure when Dwight sadistically slipped him a Polaroid of his friend’s head-bashed remains.

Even if the other members of the group don’t feel he’s responsible, it doesn’t matter because he feels like it’s his fault. He’s a prisoner of war at this point and the will to fight has left him.

Q: Is Daryl feeling guilt over the death of Glenn, specifically? If you look back at episodes where Daryl and Glenn worked together – that bond and that friendship has been in the works for a long time.

However, it’s a scheme by Negan to break Daryl down and recruit him with the simple concession of saying – like everyone else does – “I’m Negan.” As Reedus explains to THR: “He's letting it all happen. As Reedus further states to THR: “Daryl can't do it because of the same reason that Dwight did things that were sh**ty because he had something he was protecting.

He thinks he deserves to be there, and he thinks whatever the Saviors throw at him, he thinks he deserves it. Daryl can't say, "I'm Negan," because he would be giving up what Glenn was to him and what he was to all of the group.

Season 7 episode "The Cell." A few weeks back, after The Walking Dead aired its shocking Season 7 premiere, Norman Reedus teased a “very, very dark” future for Daryl after accidentally causing the execution of Glenn by Negan and subsequently being whisked away as a hostage.

Yet, with the latest episode “The Cell,” it turns out that Reedus was being quite literal in his description.

Even if Daryl died being Daryl, he has to keep his head up for Glenn. He’s fighting not just for himself, but for Glenn as well.

Q: Dwight wants Daryl to just make it easy for himself and serve Negan, but even Dwight had to be “broken” first.

It’s hard to do that, have a break and then go back into that. Both of those characters [Abraham and Glenn] are so important to our show, to the storylines and as people on set. Q: Daryl has never been a follower, but what’s keeping him from succumbing to Negan’s rule?