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I only use Tinder for the sake of improving my match rate - got no real desire to meet up with any of the sloots - so, in essence I use Tinder like a girl uses it - as a validation tool.

Except atm I get about 1/250th the validation that an average fat chick gets.

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Having hundreds of guys telling her how pretty and angelic she when she is feeling "low" reassures her she is desirable.

Once she has got her validation she will log-out and repeat the cycle. This is because beta guys keep inflating their ego.

2.) Girls talk to multiple guys and the guy whom give her the most challenge and conveys the highest alpha qualities will be selected for the date and sex, meanwhile the other guys will be flaked upon.

3.) Many girls use online dating for an ego boost with little intension on meeting.

At first I thought maybe it was just POF but I have setup profiles on two other free dating sites only to have the exact same thing happen on both of them as well. FIRST- Most likely about half of those "pretty" women online that you attempt to date or "cyber" with are actually immature males with fake pics and nothing better to do than annoy other males...

Wouldya really really wantem to actually show up at a RL meet?

5.) She has a boyfriend already but uses Tinder to fill the void.

Her alpha boyfriend fvks her twice a week whilst the beta guys on Tinder give her the emotional support.

They'll then keep it for a chat as something to do when bored/seem busy/her friends are on their phones, etc. Think positively and masterfully, with confidence and faith, and life becomes more secure, more fraught with action, richer in achievement and experience." -Swami Sivananda Joanna Challenger :( Masculist/MMA/MFC/BLACKPeople just joined tinder too late.

In conclusion it is basically a complete waste of time. Back in its prime it was goat with mostly zero flakes and the sloots were hot.

You know how you get that flutter of nervousness before meeting the girl for a date?