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I’m stubborn and dedicated in my desires, and it was only a matter of time before my blessings manifested before my eyes.Ticket, Most people think of a semester in a foreign country as an opportunity to drink and let loose for 4 months, especially as the drinking age is 3 years less in most other countries outside of the U. Though it’s 21 stateside, I waited until I was 22 just because I wanted to finish out my collegiate basketball and tennis season as focused as possible.It means I moved to a new country (Spain) with less than to my name.

And God bless the Schengen zone, because it meant my American passport [and privilege] afforded me the opportunity to pass through 26 countries by plane, boat, train, or bus and I’d get to bypass any visas, fees, or paperwork.

And time and time again, I learned how there was still an overwhelmingly negative global perception of black people.

I then started transitioning the focus of my blog to address some of these experiences as a black woman, because I was learning things about the black travel experience the hard way.

Though these harsher experiences were far and few between, I still wish someone would’ve gave me a heads up that they happened.

have, was about 0 to my name and determination to see as many countries as possible with that amount. But I’m sure she had a clue as she constantly called to remind me to “in her very Nigerian accent. There’s always money to be made, and money to be paid. If that meant my meals for the day would be a large loaf of bread divided into three parts so that I could have something for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — so be it.

If I was sneaky enough to slip a couple butter packs from my hostel into my purse, I did.People don’t understand how much of a privilege traveling is.Not to mention how much of a privilege it is when you have a first world passport. Diaspora dialogue will have you vibin’ and jivin’ to our melanin melody, because the black community just has a way of putting literal and figurative color into life.We have our own language(s), culture, and unspoken truths that make our existence so unique, dynamic, and admired by many.Within the first week of studying abroad, I applied and was hired as an Ambassador, a Resident Assistant, and a Campus Blogger.