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For instance, once you decide not to renew your profile, they keep your profile up anway [instead of taking it down] and they use it sending out mechanical greetings attached to your profile to unsuspecting members.In other words, don't be expecting anyone to even write back. Met with a ladie and we talked on here for a while then started to talk on the phone then we met in person and hit it off right have been dating a little over a month now its going great can't thank you enough.

I met someone finally after I was about to give up on zoosk. It is easy to navigate, it delivered very good matches and it is reasonably priced. Zoosk IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zoosk is deceptive and playing games with your emotions!

Most of the profiles in Zoosk aren't even current, so what you are seeing are basically phantom profiles.

I did meet one man, he was nice, but wasn't for me. I requested a 100 mile radius and got matches from all across the country.

I started to talk to someone they the site who turned out to be a scammer.

I then told him I knew what he was and reported him to Zoosk, they didn't care Zoosk is a large online dating site that features a Facebook app and attempts to integrate social networking with dating.

Zoosk is a private company based in San Francisco, CA and has raised more than million from investors.

This website is so full of scammers that it defies belief.

In the space of a little over a month I have been emailed by no less than 116 scammers.

I am not sure if there were not many girls in cincinnati on here but I did meet some who is a few miles away after 5 months. In fact I only used the coins when I could get them for free. Nobody takes that sort of thing seriously, and for a woman it's even less relevant. PROOF: After 26 days, I deleted all of the information and pictures on my profile and canceled but my subscription still had 4 more days.

Overall I met two girls in 6 months that had a career, were the same girl in person as the girl in their profile pictures and did not have ex's in prison or ex's that were stalkers. Each of those four days, I had numerous messages from women wanting to talk with me and each message then had an overlay telling me that it wasn't too late to change my mind about cancelling. Zoosk populates your Views with people to make you think you are popular, so you will frequent the site.

When I signed up, I thought it was only going to cost .99 for 3 months.