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After dissatisfaction with the network, he signed with Maker Studios, having his channel under Maker's sub-networks Polaris and, later, Revelmode.

Throughout his time on You Tube, Pew Die Pie has produced content that has been praised as genuine and unfiltered, but also been received as abrasive, and in some cases, met with controversy.

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On his decision, Pew Die Pie has stated, "Thinking about it now, it was utterly absurd.To get into Chalmers for industrial economics you need straight A's, but somehow I was happier selling hot dogs and making my own gaming-videos." in 2017, Pew Die Pie clarified, "Why does everyone get this story wrong?You can look through our Frequently Asked Questions Archives, which divides questions and answers based on biblical categories.You can examine our What's New section to find out what articles have recently been added to the site.It was never like a career that I could just quit college to pursue. And here we are five years later and it’s exploded." Criticism of these jokes stirred controversy, and in October 2012, he addressed the issue through a Tumblr post, writing, "I just wanted to make clear that I'm no longer making rape jokes, as I mentioned before I'm not looking to hurt anyone and I apologise if it ever did." On becoming the most subscribed You Tube user, Pew Die Pie commented, "When I started my You Tube channel in 2010, I never imagined that one day it would be the most subscribed channel in the world and that I would be a part of such a great community." After becoming the most subscribed user, Ben Donovan of Maker Studios stated that Pew Die Pie "is a great example of how a You Tube content creator can amass a worldwide following due to passion and creativity, and his large subscriber base showcases the loyalty and strong connection he has to his 'bros.'" On his decision, Pew Die Pie stated "I go to the comments and it's mainly spam, it's people self advertising, it's people trying to provoke...

just all this stuff that to me, it doesn't mean anything.

As a result of an early 2017 controversy regarding allegations of anti-Semitism in several of Pew Die Pie's videos, the Disney-operated Maker Studios ended their partnership with him, dropping him from their network.

While he criticised the coverage of the situation and defended his content as jokes that were taken out of context, he conceded its offensiveness.

Variety details that "Pew Die Pie acts like he’s spending time with a friend.

He begins each video introducing himself in a high-pitched, goofy voice, drawing out the vowels of his You Tube moniker, then delves into the videos." In March 2017, Pew Die Pie commented that his channel was running on a daily output, stating, "[there's] a lot of challenges in doing daily content, it's stupid.

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